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Spider carcass is obtained as a drop from Jungle spiders. These carcasses are generally used for Summoning but can also be used for cooking Spiders on shaft and Spiders on stick.

The carcass can be attached to skewer sticks obtained from cutting thatching spars with a Machete, and can then be cooked into spiders on stick. This requires a Cooking level of 16, and spiders heal a random amount of life points; between 80 and 110. Meanwhile, spiders on shaft can be cooked by attaching the carcass to arrow shafts. This requires a Cooking level of 16. The shafts are destroyed when spider is eaten, while the skewer sticks are reusable.

Spider carcass is a tertiary ingredient for infusing the spirit spider pouch. Infusing this Summoning pouch requires a Summoning level of 10.

Hunting for spiders

To obtain spider carcasses, it is recommended that players travel to Yanille. There are a number of spiders on the peninsula due east of the town; players may run back to the Yanille bank to store their carcasses. Players can access the peninsula quickly through the fairy ring code CLS, which teleports players next to Hazelmere's house. Note that these spiders (level 86) do not appear on the minimap as yellow dots, so players of a lower level should take caution as these spiders are not poisonous, but still aggressive.

Jungle Spiders can also be found East of the Volcano in Karamja. The combat levels for jungle spiders in this area level 21, making a better spot to hunt for spider carcasses for lower levels.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Jungle spider21; 42; 49; 86; 88; 891Always
Falador resource bundleN/A1Unknown
Spirit implingN/A1Unknown


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