For Spined larupia gear, see Larupia hunter gear.
Spined larupia
Spined larupia
Release date 21 November 2006 (Update)
Hunter level 40
Experience 180
Location Feldip Hunter area
Trap Pitfall
Retaliation Yes (maximum 50 life points)
Loot Big bones and either tatty larupia fur or larupia fur.
Examine If you tried to ride that, you'd just impale yourself!

The Spined Larupia is a large species of feline animal found in the area south of the Feldip Hills, that can be trapped using the Hunter skill at level 31. They have a combat level of 40, but cannot be attacked. They will however become aggressive after being teased and attack the player, damaging up to 500 life points, so it is better to be prepared by bringing high-healing food when hunting them for longer periods.

They are caught by provoking them with a teasing stick and luring them over the numerous pitfalls in the area. A pitfall trap is set up by using a set of logs and a knife on surrounding pitfalls. There are numerous jungle trees in the area which can be cut for the logs. Collected larupia fur can then be used to make larupia hunter gear and Spirit Larupia Summoning pouches.


The Spined Larupia can only be found in the mid-eastern part of the Feldip Hunter area. They are surrounded by vast, thick jungle trees, and prowl nearby barb-tailed kebbits and red chinchompas. This area can be easily reached by using the fairy ring coordinates AKS and then running south, or by running farther north from Oo'glog after using the lodestone network. It can also be reached by using a ring of dueling to teleport to either Mobilising Armies and then travelling farther northeast, or to Castle Wars and then travelling south of Gu'Tanoth. Among numerous other methods, players can also take a gnome glider to the Feldip hunter area and walk south, though this requires completion of the One Small Favour quest. After completion of the As a First Resort quest, players may also charter a ship to Oo'glog and then travel north.


Hunting larupia
Profit Skill requirements Other requirements Experience
1,315,380 31 Hunter (50+ recommended) Fairy Tale Part II recommended 31,000 Hunter
2600 Prayer


  • Larupia somewhat resemble a leopard or cheetah with either spines or quills on its back.
  • The hunter gear made from a dead larupia's fur is actually not spotted, unlike the fur on living ones.
  • When the player examines a spined larupia, it says; "If you tried to ride that, you'd just impale yourself!". This is possibly a reference to the film "Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle" in which the main characters ride a cheetah.
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