Not to be confused with Spirit Realm.

The lush Spirit Plane.

The Spirit Plane is a plane of existence from which Summoning energy can be used to summon creatures. Although very little is known or seen of it, it appears to be a lush, wooded plane in which spirit shards are abundant.

The plane is parallel to Gielinor and is inhabited by various spirits of nautre. It is an extension of the Underworld, that "seeps" through the surface, in which the dead are pulled through on the way to their respective afterlives. It shares with the underworld that it does not obey traditional laws of logic, and forms based on expectations or desires of the individual there, something originally hypothesized by Lady Hefin after Lord Amlodd spent a number of years living there. [1]

The plane is inhabited by a wide variety of spirit creatures, some of which greatly resemble creatures native to other worlds, while others are unique. According to the Summoning experts Pikkupstix and Lord Amlodd, when someone summons a familiar using a pouch, one of the creatures inhabiting the Spirit Plane manifests itself in Gielinor as a shadow of itself.[2]

A race of sentient humanoids known as the Gorajo are known to inhabit the plane.[3] Unlike most of the other residents of the plane, they can only be summoned within Daemonheim, as they have dedicated themselves to thwart Bilrach. The Gorajo are known to accomplish being summoned to Gielinor using a process known as a 'spirit wake', which allows them to transfer conciousness to a spirit form on Gielinor.[4] Although Gorajo who die in their spirit form do not die for real, they must rest afterwards due to sustaining wounds.[5] Whether this is the same method that spirit creatures use is unknown. Some Gorajo are known to have travelled to Gielinor without the use of a spirit wake, such as the Ramokee Skinweaver.

The Amlodd clan believe that familiars are nothing more than manifest concepts - ideas brought to life through the power of anima. For example a spirit wolf comes into being from thinking about wolves and the idea of wolfiness. Another theory is that the spirit realm is merely an underworld for beings of limited consciousness. The former theory is most likely correct, as the mahjarrat Akthanakos created his Camel Warriors by making ugthanki tell stories of them. 


Spirit Plane Map

Players may visit part of the Spirit Plane in the Distractions and Diversions game Familiarisation. The area looks fairly similar to Gielinor, but features a desaturation in colour for the environment, and the familiars that roam the area have an inversion and desaturation of colour as well. (Although this may simply be an illusion of the mind created through the familiarization process.) An Obelisk is featured at the centre of the area which can be used to leave the spirit plane.

The objective of that activity is to collect as many raw shards as possible, in a certain time and by avoiding the "enemy" familiars. The maximum number of raw shards is 60. When you are running in the Spirit Plane your run percentage will decrease significantly, up to 4 times faster then usual.

Known inhabitants


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