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The spirit cockatrice is a level 43 Summoning familiar. It is summoned by using a Spirit cockatrice pouch, which will give you 0.9 Summoning experience. It can find and store Cockatrice eggs for you as per its scavenging ability. In the time that it exists, a single Spirit Cockatrice will usually produce about 3-8 cockatrice eggs.

Spirit cockatrice pouch


A spirit cockatrice is created by using a pouch on a summoning obelisk with one green charm, 88 shards and a Cockatrice egg in the inventory. You must have 43 Summoning or above to create a Spirit cockatrice Pouch. Making the pouch grants 75.2 experience.Then making scrolls out of it grants another 12.5

Petrifying gaze scroll


A Petrifying gaze scroll is created by using a Spirit cockatrice pouch on a summoning obelisk. Doing this grants 10 scrolls.

Petrifying Gaze

The Spirit cockatrice has a special attack called Petrifying Gaze, which damages an opponent and drains their Defence level by 3. Petrifying gaze scrolls can be used with any variant of the cockatrice; however, each variant drains a different combat stat.


Trice variants

Spirit trices have a total of 7 variants. Each variant requires slightly different pouch components, and each variant's special attack affects a different combat stat. The differences are as follows:

The Spirit cobra incubates the eggs by using the Ophidian Incubation scroll. Coloured bird's eggs and raven eggs can be found in certain bird's nests. Penguin eggs can be obtained from the penguin keepers at the Ardougne zoo. Vulture eggs can be obtained by killing Vultures in the Kharidian desert.


  • Before the Evolution of Combat, the spirit cockatrice had a right-click ability that inflicted damage to an enemy and drained a combat stat, costing Summoning points.
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