Spirit dragon charm detail

A spirit dragon charm can be obtained as a drop from the Slayer creatures on Aminishi. It can also be found on Uncharted Isles.

A spirit dragon charm can be used on The Well of Spirits to access Aminishi's Spirit Realm during and after the Spiritual Enlightenment miniquest. Upon entering, one spirit dragon charm is consumed. Every subsequent minute the player spends in the Spirit Realm, another spirit dragon charm is consumed, until the player either leaves the Spirit Realm or runs out of spirit dragon charms. In the latter case, the player is transported a few squares north of The Well of Spirits in the Corporeal Realm.

In Aminishi's Spirit Realm, Arhat can be found on every level where the Sotapanna, Sakadagami, and Anagami would be in the Corporeal Realm.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Murderous bakami jarN/A11–15Common
Murderous orokami jarN/A10–14Common
Murderous bakamiN/A11–15Uncommon
Murderous orokamiN/A10–15Uncommon
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