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Spirit gems are pocket slot items that give a chance of saving a charm when worn while creating Summoning pouches. The six gems are named after gems used in Crafting: spirit sapphire through to spirit onyx. They can be stored in a Spirit gem bag.

Gems cannot be repaired and are destroyed once all charges are consumed. Spirit sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are dropped by all monsters that drop a single summoning charm. Spirit diamonds, dragonstones, and onyxes were originally only obtainable through the Squeal of Fortune for a limited time, but are now a possible prize from Treasure Hunter; they are also rarely given when mining Prifddinas gem rocks, or opening oysters in the player's aquarium.

Spirit gems initially stack in the bank, but once activated (by equipping it), they do not. Activated gems' names have (a) appended (e.g. Spirit sapphire (a)).


Gem Chance Charges
Spirit sapphire.png Spirit sapphire 10% 10
Spirit emerald.png Spirit emerald 20% 20
Spirit ruby.png Spirit ruby 30% 30
Spirit diamond.png Spirit diamond 40% 40
Spirit dragonstone.png Spirit dragonstone 50% 50
Spirit onyx.png Spirit onyx 60% 60

After infusing an average of 100 pouches, all the charges from one spirit gem will have been used.


Combining spirit gems consolidates the charges of many gems into one gem, so that less bank management is required to use gems in bulk. Gems can be combined with any number of charges remaining, to a maximum of 1,000 charges (including used charges - combining 100 spirit sapphires with 1/10 charges remaining would leave 1 spirit sapphire with 100/1000 charges remaining).

Gem Number needed to
reach 1000 charges
Average pouches
to use 1000 charges
Spirit sapphire.png Spirit sapphire 100 10,000
Spirit emerald.png Spirit emerald 50 5,000
Spirit ruby.png Spirit ruby 33.3... 3,333.3...
Spirit diamond.png Spirit diamond 25 2,500
Spirit dragonstone.png Spirit dragonstone 20 2,000
Spirit onyx.png Spirit onyx 16.6... 1,666.6...


Spirit gems can be forged into higher tier gems. Three gems are used to forge one of the next tier. Only unactivated gems can be forged.

Forging gems results in a net loss of possible charms saved, as 3 lower tier gems always saves more in total than one of the next tier (e.g. 3 sapphires can save 30 but one emerald saves 20). The higher the tier combined, the larger the loss of total charges is.

Gem Number of gems needed
Charges lost by forging
Spirit sapphire.png Spirit emerald.png Spirit ruby.png Spirit diamond.png Spirit dragonstone.png Spirit sapphire.png Spirit emerald.png Spirit ruby.png Spirit diamond.png Spirit dragonstone.png
Spirit emerald.png Spirit emerald 3 N/A 10 N/A
Spirit ruby.png Spirit ruby 9 3 N/A 60 30 N/A
Spirit diamond.png Spirit diamond 27 9 3 N/A 230 140 50 N/A
Spirit dragonstone.png Spirit dragonstone 81 27 9 3 N/A 760 490 220 70 N/A
Spirit onyx.png Spirit onyx 243 81 27 9 3 2,370 1,560 750 300 90

Drop sources

All monsters that drop 1 charm at a time have the chance of dropping a spirit sapphire, emerald, or ruby.

List of dropping monsters
For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
'Rum'-pumped crab1201Rare
Aberrant spectre104; 1121Rare
Abyssal demon1401Rare
Abyssal guardian1141Rare
Abyssal leech1041Rare
Abyssal walker1101Rare
Adolescent White wolf121Rare
Animated spade1041Rare
Ankou86; 88; 901Rare
Armoured zombie124; 1301Rare
Automaton Generator1651Rare
Automaton Guardian1651Rare
Automaton Tracer1651Rare
Baby black dragon1001Rare
Bandit (Wilderness)21; 221Rare
Black Guard601Rare
Black Knight44; 481Rare
Black Knight Titan401Rare
Black bear341Rare
Black demon1401Rare
Black unicorn481Rare
Bloodveld88; 98; 1321Rare
Blue dragon1061Rare
Brine rat701Rare
Bronze dragon1241Rare
Catablepon76; 77; 781Rare
Cave bug121Rare
Cave goblin21Rare
Cave horror1101Rare
Chaos dwarf681Rare
Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer1451Rare
Chaos dwogre1321Rare
Chaos giant1801Rare
Cockroach drone61Rare
Cockroach soldier521Rare
Cockroach worker441Rare
Cow calf21Rare
Crawling Hand16; 261Rare
Dagannoth (Chaos Tunnels)112; 1141Rare
Dagannoth (Lighthouse)1101Rare
Dark beast1501Rare
Dark warrior241Rare
Deadly red spider951Rare
Desert strykewyrm1481Rare
Dire Wolf661Rare
Dried zombie961Rare
Dust devil1221Rare
Dwarf14; 56; 641Rare
Earth warrior1121Rare
Elf warrior120; 1281Rare
Elite Black Knight1441Rare
Elite Dark Mage1401Rare
Elite Dark Ranger1401Rare
Elite Dark Warrior1401Rare
Elite Khazard guard1101Rare
Enclave guard1161Rare
Exiled kalphite guardian1401Rare
Exiled kalphite marauder140; 1551Rare
Fenris wolf701Rare
Fire elemental641Rare
Fire giant85; 1221Rare
Flesh Crawler56; 57; 581Rare
Frost dragon1601Rare
Fungal mage1161Rare
Fungal rodent381Rare
Ganodermic beast1601Rare
Ganodermic runt1601Rare
Gelatinous Abomination61Rare
General Graardor2101Rare
Giant ant soldier1001Rare
Giant bat641Rare
Giant crypt rat1101Rare
Giant crypt spider1201Rare
Giant skeleton1201Rare
Giant spider4; 48; 571Rare
Greater demon1181Rare
Greater reborn mage1181Rare
Greater reborn ranger1181Rare
Greater reborn warrior1281Rare
Green dragon901Rare
Grizzly bear46; 581Rare
Grizzly bear cub15; 19; 33; 361Rare
Grotworm63; 901Rare
Guard26; 501Rare
Guard (Burthorpe)371Rare
Harpie Bug Swarm901Rare
Hellhound132; 1361Rare
Hill giant641Rare
Hobgoblin40; 50; 1301Rare
Ice giant741Rare
Ice spider601Rare
Ice strykewyrm1521Rare
Ice troll female981Rare
Ice troll male981Rare
Ice warrior781Rare
Ice wolf96; 1321Rare
Icefiend50; 1201Rare
Icefiend (Ghorrock)1201Rare
Infernal Mage1041Rare
Infested axe1501Rare
Ivory Bre'egth (cursed)1181Rare
Ivory Gromblod (cursed)1181Rare
Ivory Shredflesh (cursed)1181Rare
Jelly90; 981Rare
Jogre82; 1241Rare
Jungle horror961Rare
Jungle strykewyrm1341Rare
K'ril Tsutsaroth2101Rare
Kalphite Guardian1041Rare
Kalphite Soldier941Rare
Kalphite Worker841Rare
Khazard trooper641Rare
Knight of Saradomin1301Rare
Lesser demon1001Rare
Lesser reborn mage981Rare
Lesser reborn ranger981Rare
Lesser reborn warrior981Rare
Living rock protector1321Rare
Living rock striker1321Rare
Locust rider1081Rare
Mature grotworm1401Rare
Mighty banshee1301Rare
Monk of Zamorak17-821Rare
Monkey8; 121Rare
Mounted terrorbird gnome66; 761Rare
Mummy100; 106; 1101Rare
Mutated bloodveld130; 1361Rare
Mutated jadinko baby1341Rare
Mutated jadinko guard1381Rare
Mutated jadinko male1441Rare
Ogre67; 80; 961Rare
Ogress champion961Rare
Ogress warrior901Rare
Ork legion1251Rare
Pee Hat1201Rare
Poison spider901Rare
Pyrefiend88; 961Rare
Red dragon1201Rare
Rock (monster)1261Rare
Rock Crab1021Rare
Scabaras ranger1101Rare
Scorpion20; 371Rare
Shadow Hound961Rare
Shadow spider661Rare
Shadow warrior941Rare
Skeletal hand1001Rare
Skeleton22; 24; 64; 701Rare
Suqah105; 1061Rare
Terror dog88; 941Rare
Tormented wraith601Rare
Troll brute21Rare
Troll chucker21Rare
Troll commando81Rare
Troll general130; 1711Rare
Troll mage commando81Rare
Troll ranger commando81Rare
Troll shaman21Rare
Turoth123; 126; 127; 130; 1331Rare
Undead troll110; 116; 1361Rare
Vampyre (monster)881Rare
Vyrewatch100; 104; 112; 124; 1301Rare
Wall beast681Rare
Warped tortoise1041Rare
Warrior woman621Rare
Waterfiend146; 1541Rare
Werewolf90; 1281Rare
White wolf441Rare
Wild dog501Rare
Wolf (level 25)251Rare
Wolf (level 60)601Rare
Young grotworm401Rare
Zamorak ranger921Rare
Zamorak warrior88; 941Rare
Zombie hand1081Rare