This article is about the summoning familiar. For other uses, see Graahk.
Spirit graahk chathead

The spirit graahk is a level 68 combat Summoning familiar. It requires level 57 Summoning.

Summoning a Spirit graahk familiar grants an invisible +5 Hunter level boost. It can be used to teleport to the Horned graahk area near Shilo Village.

Spirit graahk pouch


A Spirit graahk pouch requires 1 pouch, 154 Spirit shards, 1 Blue charm, and 1 Graahk fur. Note that Tatty graahk fur does not work. It gains 501.6 Summoning experience. Its Grand Exchange price is 2,798.

Goad scroll


The Goad scroll allows players to activate the Spirit graahk's special move, goad.


Goad is the special move of the spirit graahk, which makes the graahk hit an opponent twice with its next attack, costing 3 special attack points.


The teleport to the Graahk hunter area on Karamja offers a very fast way to make Nature runes. This can be accessed by left-clicking 'interact' on the Graahk, then clicking "Teleport." After teleporting, it only takes about 30 seconds to reach the Nature altar, which is a few seconds faster than the average time it takes to reach it from the Abyss, allowing complete trips to the Nature altar to be done in 60 seconds. Round trips are much faster when using a Ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars, an Amulet of glory to Edgeville, a Games necklace to Troll Invasion in Burthorpe, a Ring of kinship to teleport to Daemonheim, or a TokKul-Zo to the TzHaar Caves.

Players with at least level 75 Runecrafting can use the four Runecrafting pouches, allowing approximately 2-3k pure essence to be crafted into nature runes per hour. However, with high concentration, by adding Surge/Duelling ring/Interact Familiar shortcuts to your action bar as abilities 1 2 and 3, weight reducing equipment, and bringing the occasional energy potion, it's possible to get around 2.8k pure essence crafted an hour without pouches, though with them, the number can rise up to 3.2k pure essence crafted per hour.

Each Spirit graahk lasts 49.5 minutes. To recharge Summoning points, players should use the small obelisk on the way to the nature altar, by the mining site.


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