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Spirit sapphire (pouch holding) was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Spirit sapphire detail

A spirit sapphire is an item was formerly used to hold 5 Uncharged Summoning pouches, similar to how runecrafting pouches held essence. They could be received randomly as a monster drop.

They could be filled with uncharged pouches by using them on the gem, and could then be be taken to a summoning obelisk. The pouches in the gem would be automatically infused along with the other uncharged pouches in your inventory, and would be removed from the gem, automatically noting some of them if you didn't have enough space. It is able to store up to 5 pouches and has a total of 5 charges. One charge is consumed for each pouch that is created through the gem. Once the charges are consumed, the spirit sapphire is destroyed. Withdrawing uncharged pouches from the gem does not consume charges.

After the uncharged Summoning pouches update was reverted due to negative player feedback (and bugs that caused pouches held in gems to not give experience), spirit sapphires were changed so that they saved charms instead of holding pouches. Any existing charge-holding gems can be converted to the newer variety.

There was a bug that caused loot piñatas to give this kind of spirit gem instead of the newer one, more than two years after the gems were discontinued.

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