Spirit saratrice chathead

A spirit saratrice is a variant of the Spirit cockatrice familiar. Like the Spirit cockatrice it is a level 43 Summoning familiar whose Spirit saratrice pouch requirements includes an egg incubated by a Spirit cobra - in this case a blue bird's egg instead of a chicken egg. Like the Spirit cockatrice, it can use the Petrifying Gaze scroll - in this case targeting the opponent's Prayer skill instead of their Defence skill.

The Spirit saratrice may also randomly produce Cockatrice eggs.

This familiar may be used as a cheap alternative to having a Saradomin item equipped in a players' arsenal, allowing for a possibly better item to be donned while still having the protection against the NPCs allied to Saradomin while in the God Wars Dungeon.

Spirit saratrice pouch


Petrifying gaze scroll


A spirit saratrice is created by using a Spirit cockatrice pouch or a Zamatrice, Guthatrice, or Saratrice pouch on a summoning obelisk.

Petrifying Gaze

Like the Spirit cockatrice, the Spirit saratrice can use the Petrifying Gaze special attack, though it drains the opponent's Prayer level instead of their Defence.

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