Spirit scorpion chathead

The spirit scorpion is a combat level 19 Summoning familiar that is solely used for Combat. It can be summoned with a spirit scorpion pouch.

A spirit scorpion is level 23 and can hit up to 259 damage. Additionally, its venom shot scroll gives the player a chance of making their next Ranged attack poisonous. However, this is not very accurate and so is mostly neglected by players.

Spirit scorpion pouch


Venom shot scroll

Venom Shot

A player activates the scroll.


Venom shot

Venom shot is the special move of the Spirit scorpion. When activated, it gives a player weapon poison for 30 seconds.



  • A vinegaroon is another name for a Whip scorpion.
  • At least 1 of these pouches are needed to complete the Spirit of Summer quest
  • The scorpion's chat line "Say hello to my little friend!" is a reference to Scarface.
  • The scorpion's rogue like dialogue stems from its aggressive nature of appearing in resource gathering grounds with abundant resources, killing low levelled players as they attempt to gather the resources.
  • The scorpion tail sign in the summoning pouch and summoning scroll resembles the sign of The Brotherhood of Nod from the Command & Conquer series.
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