Spirit shield detail

Spirit shields are a range of shields available to members after completing Summer's End. There are six types of spirit shield, the stronger ones being upgraded versions of the basic spirit shield. The weakest spirit shield is the 'basic' or 'plain' spirit shield, obtained upon completion of Summer's End, or as rare drops from the Corporeal Beast, the Tormented Wraith or the Ghostly warrior. The basic spirit shield requires level 40 Defence and level 55 Prayer to wield, and its bonuses are comparable to those of a Rune kiteshield.

A blessed spirit shield can be created from a 'plain' spirit shield by adding a holy elixir to it at an altar of Saradomin, providing the player has at least level 85 Prayer. If the player lacks the required Prayer level, Brother Jered at the Edgeville Monastery can bless it for them, for a price of 1,000,000 coins. A blessed spirit shield requires 70 Defence and 60 Prayer to wield, and has improved bonuses. The holy elixir is dropped by the Corporeal Beast and the Tormented Wraith.

A spirit sigil can be attached to a blessed spirit shield to further upgrade the shield. There are four different sigils: Arcane, Divine, Elysian and Spectral. When a sigil is attached to a blessed spirit shield, that shield will have the same name as the sigil used. Each sigil gives the shield different bonuses and/or abilities. Level 90 Prayer and level 85 Smithing are required to attach a sigil to a blessed spirit shield. The Assist System cannot be used to make the spirit shield. All sigils are dropped only by the Corporeal Beast. The Arcane, Spectral, Divine and Elysian spirit shields require 75 Defence and 75 Prayer to wield.

Sigils and Shields

Once the player has a blessed spirit shield, they can then attach a spirit sigil to it. There are four different sigils available for use on a blessed spirit shield:
Arcane spirit shield detail
  • Arcane sigil - creates an Arcane spirit shield.
    • The Arcane spirit shield is classified as a Magic shield, and now has a damage reduction effect similar to that of the Divine spirit shield and Elysian spirit shield. All incoming damage while wearing the shield (with sufficient prayer points) will be reduced by 30%. Prayer points will be reduced by 6% of the damaged received.
Divine spirit shield detail
  • Divine sigil - creates a Divine spirit shield.
    • The Divine spirit shield is classified as a Melee shield. It retains its damage reduction effect, which reduces all damage taken by 30% (with sufficient prayer points). Prayer points will be reduced by 6% of the damage received.
Elysian spirit shield detail
  • Elysian sigil - creates an Elysian spirit shield.
    • The Elysian spirit shield is classified as a Ranging shield. Like the Divine spirit shield and Arcane spirit shield, the Elysian spirit shield now has a damage reduction ability. All incoming damage while wearing the shield (with sufficient prayer points) will be reduced by 30%. Simultaneously, 6% of the damage received will be reduced from one's prayer points.
Spectral spirit shield detail
  • Spectral sigil - creates a Spectral spirit shield.
    • The Spectral spirit shield is classified as a Magic shield, and unlike the others does not have a special damage reduction ability. Instead, it has a life point bonus that the others do not have.


The bonuses each spirit shield gives are summarized below.

 ItemTypeMain-handOff-hand Attributes Style bonus
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence Constitution Prayer Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Spirit shieldSpirit shieldMelee weakness icon Melee - - - - - - 125 0 1 - - -
Blessed spirit shieldBlessed spirit shieldMelee weakness icon Melee - - - - - - 297 35 3 - - -
Arcane spirit shieldArcane spirit shieldMagic weakness icon Magic - - - - - - 338 0 3 - - -
Divine spirit shieldDivine spirit shieldMelee weakness icon Melee - - - - - - 338 0 3 - - -
Elysian spirit shieldElysian spirit shieldRanged weakness icon Ranged - - - - - - 338 0 3 - - -
Spectral spirit shieldSpectral spirit shieldMagic weakness icon Magic - - - - - - 338 210 3 - - -

As can be seen above, most of the 'improved' spirit shields have similar bonuses, with slight differences, or a different special ability. Each shield should be used with its respective combat style (Arcane for mages, Elysian for rangers, Divine for warriors) to benefit the most out of the shield. If you wear a shield of the opposite class (i.e. range with Arcane), you will suffer accuracy bonuses.

Obtaining spirit shields

Blessed spirit shield detail

All spirit shields and their components are tradeable.

The following flowchart simplifies the process:

Creating spirit shields
Spirit shieldSpirit shield
Add (with 85 Prayer or by paying Brother Jered):
Holy elixirHoly elixir
Blessed spirit shieldBlessed spirit shield
Add (with 90 Prayer and 85 Smithing,
or by Brother Bordiss):
Arcane sigil
Arcane sigil
Divine sigil
Divine sigil
Elysian sigil
Elysian sigil
Spectral sigil
Spectral sigil
Arcane spirit shield
spirit shield
Divine spirit shield
spirit shield
Elysian spirit shield
spirit shield
Spectral spirit shield
spirit shield


Icon Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Limit Members Details Last updated
Holy elixirHoly elixir707,329
300,000450,0001P2P iconview3 hours ago
Spirit shieldSpirit shield37,984
28,00042,0001P2P iconview2 hours ago
Blessed spirit shieldBlessed spirit shield844,182
560,000840,0001P2P iconview4 hours ago
Arcane spirit shieldArcane spirit shield5,953,876
800,0001,200,0001P2P iconview4 hours ago
Elysian spirit shieldElysian spirit shield6,846,978
800,0001,200,0001P2P iconview3 hours ago
Divine spirit shieldDivine spirit shield4,102,556
800,0001,200,0001P2P iconview4 hours ago
Spectral spirit shieldSpectral spirit shield1,498,385
800,0001,200,0001P2P iconview2 hours ago


  • Spirit shields and sigils are similar to godswords and hilts - both are made from multiple rare high-level monster drops, and both have four modifiers. The main difference is that once a spirit shield is enhanced, it cannot be changed, unlike a godsword, where hilts can be exchanged.
  • On 11 January, 2010, the inventory icons of the four spirit shields with sigils attached were changed, though with no corresponding change to the looks of the shields when wielded. A Jagex Moderator, Mod Nexus, stated on the RuneScape Forums that the spirit shield worn models were being improved, however something broke in the process of them being updated, resulting in only the icons being changed.
  • On 1 February 2010, the spirit shields appearances were changed to match their inventory pictures, which were updated before.
  • With the recent Ring Of Wealth update the corporeal beast had a 100% chance to drop any sigil or rare, this was only for a limited amount of time and this bug was fixed shortly.