This article is about the four items that modify Spirit shields. For other uses, see Sigil.
Arcane sigil detail

Spirit sigils are items which can be added to a Blessed spirit shield to modify its abilities. There are four different sigils:

All 4 sigils are extremely rare drops from the Corporeal Beast which can only be fought after the quest Summer's End is completed. The chance of getting the drop is nearly in 1:1000 kills. When a player gets any sigil, it's announced to all players on that world, in a similar way when a player gets 99 in any skill, via the newsfeed.

Attaching a sigil to a Blessed spirit shield requires level 90 Prayer and level 85 Smithing.

The Grand Exchange prices of sigils are not calculated based on the prices they are traded at; rather, they are the price of the corresponding completed spirit shield minus the price of a blessed spirit shield. This can cause seemingly illogical phenomena, such as the sigils falling in price when blessed spirit shields rise by the same amount, if spirit shields stay the same; however, this system allows the price of the far more commonly traded completed spirit shields to be calculated based on actual trades, and thus this is the best system.


Icon Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Limit Members Details Last updated
Arcane sigilArcane sigil4,600,546
300,000450,0001P2P iconview4 hours ago
Elysian sigilElysian sigil7,972,465
300,000450,0001P2P iconview3 hours ago
Divine sigilDivine sigil4,442,826
300,000450,0001P2P iconview3 hours ago
Spectral sigilSpectral sigil590,657
300,000450,0001P2P iconview102 minutes ago
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