Spirit tree (Incomitatus) (dying) chathead
Spirit tree (Incomitatus) chathead

Incomitatus is a spirit tree located within the mountains east of the Poison Waste. During The Path of Glouphrie, it is learned its link to the Anima Mundi has been corrupted by black ichor. Hazelmere tells the player that they must use an artefact of elven magic, which is related to Seren, the divine aspect of Anima Mundi.

After the player uses crystal chimes on Incomitatus, his health is restored and it becomes available for spirit tree transportation. He may then be teleported from and used just like any other spirit tree, and is useful for accessing the Poison Waste divination colony and Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon.

Incomitatus location

Incomitatus amongst the rocks


  • Incomitatus is Latin for 'alone'.
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