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A spirit war pig is a combat familiar that can be created in the machine under Eli's farm, after completion of the Bringing Home the Bacon quest. The familiar comes in three tiers. Each tier increases the usefulness of the pouch. To increase the tier of the pigs, one must upgrade the machine in the storm cellar. Each tier uses the same pouch. Upgrading the machine after obtaining a pouch still summons the higher-tiered familiar.

Tier 2 requires level 44 in Summoning, Construction and Crafting as well as 3 oak planks, 2 steel bars and 3 nails of any type.

Tier 3 requires level 84 in Summoning, Construction and Crafting as well as 3 teak planks, 2 mithril bars and 3 nails of any type.

These requirements are not boostable.


A War pig pouch is used in the Summoning skill to summon a Spirit war pig. It is made by using a Summoning pouch on the War pig machine with 6 spirit shards, a gold charm and a War pig tooth in your inventory. It gives 15.6 Summoning experience when made. Using this pouch with the Pig machine again will enable a player to create 10 Bacon blast scrolls.

Bacon blast scroll


Using a Bacon blast scroll uses 11 special move points. The spirit war pig will attack the target with a magical attack (a flaming piece of bacon) for up to 187 damage. The damage does not improve with the tier of the pig. Sometimes, this attack will leave behind a piece of raw bacon at the spot where the shot landed.

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