Spotted kebbit fur detail

Spotted kebbit fur is a drop from spotted kebbits. Members can take two spotted kebbit fur and 400 coins to Asyff Bymajique, who owns the Fancy Dress Shop in south-eastern Varrock to make a spotted cape.

Players can only catch kebbits using a gyr falcon and a falconer's glove within the falconry area, which is north-west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. To access the falconry Area, and to borrow the gyr falcon the falconer's glove, you must pay the falconry expert Matthias 500 coins. This requires level 43 Hunter or higher. The kebbits drop bones as well as fur, so it is good for power levelling both the Prayer and Hunter skills.


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  • The examine is a reference to real life, where people decorate their car with furry dice.

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