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Spring Fayre (2017) was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Not to be confused with Build-A-Fayre.
This article is about the 2017 event. For other events, see Spring Fayre.
Spring Fayre
Spring Fayre.png
Release date 24 April 2017 (Update)
End date 5 June 2017 (Update)
Reward Cosmetic overrides, emotes and more
Head developer Mod Krista, Mod Mohawk
Preceded by Summer Beach Party (2016)
Succeeded by Summer Beach Party (2017)

Spring Fayre was a seasonal event, similar to the Summer Beach Party, that was released on 24 April 2017 and lasted until 5 June 2017.[1] Its release was preceded by a pre-event activity called Build-A-Fayre, which was released on 18 April, where players helped to build the Helter Skelter. The fayre was located in Lumbridge Crater.


Participating in activities required the player to spend fayre attraction tokens, 100 of which were obtained for free each day. More tokens could be bought for Rune Coins in the tickets and tokens stall. All activities gave various amounts of Fayre prize tickets. Activities included:

Agility funhouse (m)

Agility funhouse was an activity located in south-west corner of the Fayre, next to eastern exit. It functioned similarly to regular agility courses. Each lap cost 10 tokens and awarded Agility experience.

Bucking Baroo

Bucking Baroo was an activity located in north-eastern corner of the Fayre, in which player tried to stay on top of the Yak by using the correct option on the interface (Left or Right), if the player failed to do so, he or she fell down. The correct option was displayed above the arrows. Each match cost 10 tokens and awarded Defence experience.

Candy floss machine

Candy floss machine was an activity that allowed players to gain Cooking experience and a chance to obtain the candy floss maul. There were 2 machines in the Spring Fayre grounds. The machine cost 2 tokens per experience drop.

Chinchompa Hunt (m)

Players obtained the Chinchompa hunt map from Menowin. The map was 5 columns by 6 rows. Once per day, players could click on one of the map squares for free to win a prize. To play more than once per day, players could spend 40 tokens per play.

The hunt ran for 4 weeks, with a different cosmetic outfit reward each week. If the player does not obtain all pieces of the outfit, then they may buy them using fayre prize tickets in the following weeks.

Any members who had completed all the requirements but not the chinchompa map will now have the title unlock. Players that had missed out on the obtaining The Fairest of Them All title due to the chinchompa hunt requirement will now have their title unlocked upon login, provided that all other requirements have been met.

Claw-dia Stall (m)

The Claw-dia Stall was a claw crane game machine located in north-western corner of the Fayre. It awarded a guaranteed prize box which contained at least two items, among which may be prismatic lamps and fallen stars. Each use of the machine cost 50 tokens and the machine may only be operated twice per day. Using this gave 6 tickets.

Dancing Platform

The Dancing Platform was an activity led by Dixie and Mixie. It was located in south-east corner of the Fayre. It functioned similarly to Serenity posts, players stood on the platforms and attempted to follow the emotes done by the leaders. It awarded Prayer experience and cost 2 tokens per experience drop.

Easter Egg Shy

Easter Egg Shy was an activity located in south-eastern corner of the Fayre, in which players attempted to hit Easter eggs with various objects. Those included:

  • Balls
  • Cabbages, which have a lower chance to hit but give higher experience
  • Chinchompas, which have a higher chance to hit but give lower experience

Each successful hit cost 1 token and awarded Ranged experience.

Festive egg hunt

Festive eggs could be found around the fayre. Collecting them was a sub-requirement to unlock the Fairest of Them All title (there are additional requirements to obtain title). Festive eggs had no other use and could be destroyed after being found, as keeping them was not required for the title. Collecting the eggs did not require tokens.

Egg Location
Festive egg (bank chest).png Either Bank chest (east or west of the Helter Skelter)
Festive egg (hay bale).png Any Hay bale found within the area
Festive egg (candy floss).png Cart west of the Test of strength machine, north of the Candy floss machine
Festive egg (Big Chinchompa portal).png Big Chinchompa portal (while inactive)
Festive egg (stage).png The Stage that Menowin is standing on
Festive egg (tickets and tokens stall).png Tickets and tokens stall
Festive egg (fortune teller's tent).png Fortune teller's tent
Festive egg (Claw-dia stall).png Claw-dia stall
Festive egg (Easter Egg Shy).png Easter Egg Shy
Festive egg (The Mighty Zoltan).png The Mighty Zoltan

Fortune teller

Kristlin provided medium fortune stars in a variety of skills via the cloud of destiny located to the east of the crater. It cost 40 tokens per destiny.

Helter Skelter

The Helter Skelter stood in the middle of the Fayre grounds, and allowed players to slide down it. It rewarded Constitution experience and cost 10 tokens per ride.

Hook-a-Duck (m)

The Hook-a-Duck was an activity located in south-eastern corner of the Fayre. There were various different rods that players could use in this activity which affected the experience they get, and their chances of success. Each successful action cost 1 token and awarded Hunter experience.

Rod Experience Success rate
Light weight Average Average
Fast action High Low
Magnetic Low High

The Mighty Zoltan (m)

The Mighty Zoltan was located slightly east of the Helter Skelter. Operating it awarded one of the 17 mis-fortunes and Divination experience at the cost of 10 tokens per fortune. It was possible to get duplicates.

Pickaxe wanging

Pickaxe wanging was an activity located in the north-western corner of the Fayre, in which player tossed a pickaxe towards the rocks. It awarded Mining experience and cost 1 token per experience drop.

Test of strength machine

Test of strength machine was located at north-western side of Fayre, right beside the north entrance to the crater. Operating the machine awarded Strength experience at the cost of 2 tokens per hit.

Trixie's scavenger hunt (m)

Thieving experience was awarded in the form of a medium XP lamp for bringing items to Trixie from a random set list. The list was generated at the cost of 10 tokens. For each new list, another 10 tokens were required. It was possible to buy a new list to replace an old one if the items were not to the player's liking. Trixie was located in the north-west corner of the crater.

Happy Hour

Occasionally a Happy Hour occured which allowed players to do most of the activities without using any tokens, gain 10% more experience from activities, but only have a chance at receiving one ticket per successful action rather than the usual six.

As of 4 May 2017, all Happy Hours became automated, following the below schedule (weekends had the same schedule as weekdays).[2] Automated Happy Hours had the following broadcast:

Happy Hour is starting at the Spring Fayre! Gain increased XP and don't spend tokens whilst taking part in activities at the Fayre!

Jagex Moderators could also manually trigger a Happy Hour, by talking to Menowin. Prior to the automation update, all Happy Hours were manually triggered. If a Happy Hour was activated by a Jagex Moderator, the following message is broadcast:

Mod [Name] has started Happy Hour at the Spring Fayre! Gain increased XP and don't spend tokens whilst taking part in activities at the Fayre!

81 (F2P) and 82, 83, 84, 85, 88 (P2P) (English) 118 (P2P) and 55 (F2P) (French) 102 (P2P) and 122 (F2P) (German) 47 (P2P) and 94 (F2P) (Portuguese)
  • 01:00-02:00 Game Time
  • 09:00-10:00 Game Time
  • 14:00–15:00 Game Time
  • 21:00–22:00 Game Time
  • 16:30–17:30 Game Time
  • 21:00–22:00 Game Time
  • 16:30–17:30 Game Time
  • 21:00-22:00 Game Time
  • 16:30–17:30 Game Time
  • 21:00–22:00 Game Time

Activity costs

Activities during Happy Hour
Free Agility funhouse (Agility)
Bucking Baroo (Defence)
Candy floss machine (Cooking)
Dancing Platform (Prayer)
Easter Egg Shy (Ranged)
Helter Skelter (Constitution)
Hook-a-Duck (Hunter)
Pickaxe wanging (Mining)
Test of strength machine (Strength)
The Mighty Zoltan (Divination)
Retains cost Chinchompa Hunt (Cosmetic overrides and consolation prizes)
Claw-dia Stall (Event mystery box)
Trixie's scavenger hunt (Thieving)
Fortune teller (Experience boost)

Distraction and Diversion portals (m)

The Spring Fayre had the same Distractions and Diversions portals as the Summer Beach Party:

When a portal became active, Barri announced it in the in-game chat.


Most rewards could be purchased via the three rewards shops by speaking to Nixie, Rixie, and Prezleek during the event. They could also be awarded randomly by participating in the fayre events, which gave the message Whilst playing games at the Fayre you find - <token>. Rewards included cosmetic overrides, emotes, pets and a special title, The Fairest of Them All.

Rixie's shop

Items here were all sold by Rixie, who was located in the southern end of the Lumbridge Crater, next to the Big Chinchompa portal.

Reward Unlocks Fayre prize tickets.png Cost G.E. price Coin/Ticket
Pickaxe hat token.png Pickaxe hat token Fayre Pickaxe Hat 100 10,301 103.01
Crystal ball token.png Crystal ball token Fayre Crystal Ball 100 6,574 65.74
Fortune cape token.png Fortune cape token Fayre Fortune Cape 500 40,616 81.23
Mallet token.png Mallet token Fayre Mallet 900 24,869 27.63
Hypnotic parasol token.png Hypnotic parasol token Hypnotic parasol 1,100 691,616 628.74
Zoltan pet token.png Zoltan pet token Zoltan 1,200 620,174 516.81
Total 3,900 1,394,150

Nixie's shop

Items here were all sold by Nixie, who could be found just to the north of the stage beside the Bucking Baroo activity.

Reward Unlocks Fayre prize tickets.png Cost G.E price Coin/Ticket
Fayre dancer emote pack 1 token.png Fayre dancer emote pack 1 token Dance Step and Samba Step 100 11,227 112.27
Fayre dancer emote pack 2 token.png Fayre dancer emote pack 2 token Skip Step and Twirl Step 100 8,690 86.9
Test of strength emote token.png Test of strength emote token Test of Strength 500 24,351 48.7
Bucking yak teleport token.png Bucking yak teleport token Bucking Yak teleport 600 82,752 137.92
Contact juggling resting token.png Contact juggling resting token Contact Juggling Resting 600 39,118 65.2
Total 1,900 166,138

Prezleek's shop

Items here were sold by Prezleek.

Reward Unlocks Fayre prize tickets.png Cost G.E price Gp/Ticket
Yak balloon token.png Yak balloon token Yak Balloon 1,000 1,256,926 1,256.93
Yak plushie token.png Yak plushie token Yak plushie 1,200 822,128 685.11
Total 2,200 2,079,054


The title [Name] the Fairest of Them All was awarded for completing all parts of the event that were available to the player: free to play and ironman players did not have to complete requirements that are not available to them. Upon earning the title, players received the message Your presence at the Fayre has been noted by all. You have unlocked the title the Fairest of Them All.. A summary of requirements to unlock the title is in the table below; for a comprehensive list of all requirements to unlock, see The Fairest of Them All.

Unlock requirements
Find all 10 festive eggs.
Talk to all NPCs at the Lumbridge Crater that have dialogue.
Interact with all available activities.
Own all of the items that can be bought with Fayre prize tickets.


On the day of the Spring Fayre's release the event received negative feedback from players due to the limited accessibility of the content. The number of fayre attraction tokens that the player received each day allowed them to participate in the fayre's activities for only a minimal amount of time, and therefore earn a limited number of fayre prize tickets. Players believed that the number of prize tickets gained from using only the free daily attraction tokens was not sufficient to unlock all of the rewards from the event and that it would be necessary to purchase additional attraction tokens using RuneCoins or participate in Happy Hours if they wished to obtain all the rewards.

In response to criticisms from players, the following changes were made on 25 April 2017[3]:

  • The number of prize tickets earned when using up tokens (in other words, at any time outside of Happy Hour) was increased to 6 times the original amount.
  • The number of worlds for Happy Hours was increased from 4 to 6, the frequency of Happy Hours was increased, and more times suitable for American and Australian players were added.

Happy Hours received negative feedback throughout the first few weeks of the event because of the manual work required by Jagex moderators to start them. This resulted in scheduled slots being missed, started late, or started too early. From 4 May 2017, Happy Hours were automatically activated on a schedule.[2]

Event ending

The event ended on 5 June 2017 with the game update. The three reward shops were immediately removed. The message at sign-in stated You have until the 12th of June before all of your Fayre Tickets and Tokens are cleared up.

Tickets could only be used to obtain the four outfit override pieces from the chinchompa hunt map by right-clicking the map and selecting 'Open Store'.

Many players who were hoping to use their tickets to obtain rewards from the reward shops expressed their views on the RuneScape Forums. There was no warning about the exact time of event ending or that the reward shops would close immediately. Other events allowed a NPC which would remain a week to redeem rewards.

Mod Jam apologised for the way the Ticket and Token cleanup was handled and that Jagex will discuss ways to avoid these issues in future events.[4]

Music unlocked



  • The Saradominist preacher was relocated south of the Lumbridge castle west gatehouse (back entrance) for the event.
  • Due to players originally being able to skip the animation for the pickaxe wanging activity, which allowed them to earn a very high amount of Mining experience and tickets by increasing the amount of actions that can be performed over a tick, a hotfix was released on 26 April 2017 to stop this.[5]
  • On 26 April 2017, the happy hour bonuses were accidentally activated an hour before the scheduled time, so Jagex made it last the full two hours instead.[6]
  • Participating in the activities could still drop strange rocks and anagogic orts, among various other items that can be obtained through skilling. Manifested knowledge could also spawn when wearing the correct items. However, skilling pets could not be obtained (similar to protean items).
  • As 1 May 2017 was a bank holiday in the UK, only one Happy Hour occurred that day, between 19:00-20:00 Game Time on the designated English worlds.
  • Despite coinciding with a Double XP Weekend, experience gained at the Spring Fayre was not affected by it.[7]


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