For the pet obtainable from Treasure Hunter, see Sq'irks the parrot.
Sorceress's Garden map

A map of the Sorceress's Garden.

Sq'irk is a fruit obtained during the Sorceress's Garden minigame. It can be crushed into a beer glass using a pestle and mortar to make sq'irkjuice. Five are required for a winter drink, four for a spring drink, three for an autumn drink, and two for a summer drink. These drinks may be used to temporarily boost Thieving level and energy, or may be traded to Osman in Al Kharid, or Emir Ali after the quest Our Man in the North has been completed, for Thieving experience.

Picking sq'irks does not give Thieving experience; it gives Farming experience. You have to make sq'irkjuice and give it to Osman, or Emir Ali to get Thieving experience.


  • The examine info is a wordplay on the word quirky since they both sound alike.
  • Sq'irk are analogous to the real-life durian.[1]


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