This is a list of the Squeal of Fortune promotions of 2013.

Magic Notepaper

20 - 27 December

Herblore Madness!

13 - 16 December

Summoning Spirit Gems

6 - 9 December

Skill Outfit Bonanza

29 November - 2 December

Protean Planks & Construction XP

22 November - 25 November

  • Protean planks
  • Twice the chance of winning any kind of planks
  • Triple construction experience from lamps

Life and Death

8 November - 18 November

Diviner's outfits, lamps and fallen stars

1 November - 4 November

Grinning Idols

18 October - 28 October
Grinning idols: ancient relics uncovered by archaeology, broken into pieces by the passage of time.... and rich in XP for multiple skills. Pick them up on the Squeal of Fortune from Friday 18th of October!

Mine Blowing

4 October - 14 October
Birthright of the Dwarves - the latest Grandmaster quest - was released this week, so now's the perfect time to celebrate all things dwarven and boost your Mining and Smithing XP with the Squeal of Fortune!

Golden Chinchompa

6 September - 16 September
1) Visit the Squeal of Fortune. 2) Win a golden chinchompa. 3) Lovingly raise it. 4) ???? 5) Profit.

Lucky Clover

30 August - 2 September
Boost your XP, get bonus gold, and seize the chance to claim a rare lucky item with lucky clover necklaces, this weekend on the Squeal of Fortune!

Shaman Gear

16 August - 26 August
Channel the power of the spirit wolf and boost your Summoning XP gain with your very own shaman's outfit, available from Friday the 16th of August on the Squeal of Fortune!

Five new Slayer masks!

12 July - 21 July
Five more Slayer masks are heading to the Squeal of Fortune from the 12th of July, and this week is your best chance of picking them up.

Crown of Seasons

28 June - 8 July
A brand new tradeable rare item - the Crown of Seasons - can be made with items collected in-game and on the Squeal of Fortune between the 28th of June and the 8th of July.

The Lamp of the Djinn

14 June - 24 June
From tonight, collect lamps parts, trade them with other players to complete your collection and receive XP in all 25 skills - all this coming week on Squeal of Fortune.

Exquisite Weapons

31 May - 3 June
A range of brand new weapons - each designed specially to look truly exquisite.

Alchemist's Amulet Returns

17 May - 27 May
Alchemist's amulet renewed, new Transmutation tablet.

Fiesta de Guerreros

5 May - 13 May
New Mexican-themed foods, along with increased chances for luchador masks and the limited sombrero is available.

Starlight items

26 April - 6 May
Starlight ore, blueprints, starborn diamonds, and starfury weapons available.

New super rares

18 April - 22 April
Increased chances to win the new super rares.

Super-rare a day

9 April - 18 April
Increases the chance of winning ultra rare cosmetic items before permanently removing them from the Squeal of Fortune. All items temporarily rare unless otherwise noted.

9 April Tribal Tattoo
10 April Twisted Horns
11 April Mystic Tattoo
12 April Vile horns
13 April Flying Goblin Hat
Curled Horns (uncommon)
14 April Swagger Stick
Marauder Tattoo (uncommon)
15 April Arcane Tattoo
16 April Intricate Tattoo
17 April Long Horns
18 April Swag Bag

Samid's gloves

5 April - 8 April
Limited Samid's gloves available.

Warband armour

29 March - 1 April
Increased chance of winning the Archon outfit and Warlord outfit.

Slayer masks

22 March - 28 March
Increased chance to win Slayer masks and Slayer XP lamps. 1.5x Slayer experience gained from XP lamps.

Feast for Guthix

15 March - 18 March
Exclusive food platters available. Greater chance to win pieces of First age outfit and Coin of balance. Dragon bones added, and big bones are made more common. Double Prayer experience from XP lamps.

Valentine Yelps

14 February - 25 February
Valentine hearts and chocolate candies available.

Increased chances

14 February, 22 February - 25 February
2 to 3 slots guaranteed to be valentine's items.

Ramokee Outfit & D&D Tokens

8 February - 11 February
Better chances of winning new 5-piece Ramokee outfit. D&D tokens made available again along with new ones for Sinkholes, God Statues, and universal daily-weekly-monthly tokens for use with any applicable D&D.

Cash bags

1 February - 4 February
For the occasion of cash bags being added to the Squeal of Fortune, they award double the coins.

Summoning Wheel

25 January - 28 January
Shards replace gold prizes for double their worth in shards (except 200M prize), increased chance of getting Summoning crates, addition of various pouches normally unavailable on the Squeal of Fortune, and double Summoning experience from XP lamps.

Crazy Construction!

18 January - 21 January
Greater chances of receiving Construction crates, double chance of winning planks, triple the Construction experience from XP lamps, and greater chance of receiving recharge gems.

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