Squeck juice, also called Squecks on the Beach, is a special beverage that can be purchased at The Golden Scarab Inn in Menaphos for the price of 10 coins. It temporarily increases the player's Fishing level by one, but also severely reduces the player's Cooking level.

The drink is described as having an inky aftertaste and drinking the ale causes hiccupps and the player will occasionally for a few minutes utter "Ick!" and throw up an inky substance called Squano onto the floor under their feet, once every 20 seconds, lasting for 4 minutes.

Squeck juice is noticeable for being a cheap source for Crafted parts and Healthy components that can be infinitely store-bought; any item apparently cheaper or even at a similar price are almost all rarely traded and very hard to buy on the Grand Exchange.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
The Golden Scarab Inn10Coins 5Coins Yes


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  • The name of the ale is based on Sq'irkjuice, a drink made from the juice of the sq'irk fruit, and Squeck; a flying squid that one can befriend in Menaphos.
    • The other name, Squecks on the Beach, is based on the cocktail Sex on the Beach.
  • Squano, the odd substance that spawns after player consumes the squeck juice, is a portmanteau of squid and guano.
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