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Squire Asrol is the squire of Sir Vyvin. He managed to lose his master's blurite sword while transporting it from Lumbridge to Falador.[1] The sword in question was a family heirloom, passed down through five generations of Vyvins.[2] Fearing his master's reaction and the ensuing trouble, he begged a passing adventurer to help him, directing them towards Reldo in Varrock for information about the Imcando dwarves. He also told the adventurer where to find a picture of the sword. The adventurer gave him a replacement sword that looked identical, much to his relief.

He also serves as the taskmaster for the hard and elite Falador Tasks, handing out the Falador shield 3/4 and some antique lamps. He is also the solution to an anagram for a hard clue scroll.


  • He confuses the antique lamps rewarded for completing the Falador tasks with various household items, such as an old teapot and gravy jugs


  1. ^ Squire Asrol, "The Knight's Sword", RuneScape. "No. I was carrying it for him all the way from where he had it stored in Lumbridge. It must have slipped from my pack during the trip, and you know what people are like these days… someone will have just picked it up and kept it for themselves."
  2. ^ Squire Asrol, "The Knight's Sword", RuneScape. "The thing is, this sword is a family heirloom. It has been passed down trough Vyvin's family for five generations!"