Stackable items are items that only take up one space in a player's inventory not being carried in note form. When multiple stackable items are carried in the inventory, a number is shown on the item's picture to indicate the quantity of items in the stack. Most items stored in the bank will stack, even if they don't stack in a player's inventory. A few exceptions would be brawling gloves, satchels, and the various forms of the morphic tool. Stackable items do not weigh anything, and cannot be withdrawn from the bank as a note.

Stackable items include bait, charms, runes, all arrows, all seeds, notes, and coins. Other stackable items include biscuits, bolts, bolt tips, darts, dart tips, nails, arrowtips, throwing knives, cannonballs, javelins, throwing axes, feathers, arrow shafts, needles, thread, purple sweets, scrolls, skewer sticks, woad leaves, teleport scrolls, teleport tablets, and proboscises. Also, swamp tar and anything made from swamp tar (such as swamp paste or guam tar) is always stackable.

You cannot pick up another item if you already have the maximum stack in your inventory.

Images of Stacks

While most items stack without having a change of inventory icon, the following items appear different based on the amount you have:

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Name Image Change at
10th anniversary candles 10th anniversary candles 1 10th anniversary candles 2 10th anniversary candles 3 10th anniversary candles 4 10th anniversary candles 5 1,2,3,4,5
Arrows[1] Bronze arrow 1 Bronze arrow 2 Bronze arrow 3 Bronze arrow 4 Bronze arrow 5 1,2,3,4,5
Arrowheads Bronze arrowheads 1 Bronze arrowheads 2 Bronze arrowheads 3 Bronze arrowheads 4 Bronze arrowheads 5 1,2,3,4,5
Arrow shafts Arrow shaft 1 Arrow shaft 2 Arrow shaft 3 Arrow shaft 4 Arrow shaft 5 1,2,3,4,5
Biscuits Biscuits 1 Biscuits 2 Biscuits 3 Biscuits 4 Biscuits 5 Biscuits 10 Biscuits 25 Biscuits 100 1,2,3,4,5,10,25,100
Bolts[2] Bronze bolts 1 Bronze bolts 2 Bronze bolts 3 Bronze bolts 4 Bronze bolts 5 1,2,3,4,5
Celebration candles Celebration candles 1 Celebration candles 2 Celebration candles 3 Celebration candles 4 Celebration candles 5 1,2,3,4,5
Chaotic spikes Chaotic spike 1 Chaotic spike 2 Chaotic spike 3 Chaotic spike 4 Chaotic spike 5 1,2,3,4,5
Charm slices Mystical charm slice 1 Mystical charm slice 2 Mystical charm slice 3 Mystical charm slice 4 Mystical charm slice 5 1,2,3,4,5
Coins Coins 1 Coins 2 Coins 3 Coins 4 Coins 5 Coins 25 Coins 100 Coins 250 Coins 1000 Coins 10000 1,2,3,4,5,25,100,250,1000,10000
Divine energy[3] Vibrant energy 1 Vibrant energy 10 Vibrant energy 100 Vibrant energy 500 Vibrant energy 1000 1,10,100,500,1000
Eagle feathers Eagle feather 1 Eagle feather 2 Eagle feather 3 Eagle feather 4 1,2,3,4
Ecto-tokens Ecto-token 1 Ecto-token 2 Ecto-token 3 1,2,3
Firecracker Firecracker 1 Firecracker 3 Firecracker 5 1,3,5
Grenwall spikes Grenwall spikes 1 Grenwall spikes 2 Grenwall spikes 3 Grenwall spikes 4 Grenwall spikes 5 1,2,3,4,5
Headless arrows Headless arrow 1 Headless arrow 2 Headless arrow 3 Headless arrow 4 Headless arrow 5 1,2,3,4,5
Ogleroots Ogleroot 1 Ogleroot 2 Ogleroot 3 Ogleroot 4 Ogleroot 5 1,2,3,4,5
Pieces of eight Pieces of eight 1 Pieces of eight 2 Pieces of eight 3 1,2,3
Purple sweets Purple sweets 1 Purple sweets 2 Purple sweets 3 Purple sweets 4 Purple sweets 5 Purple sweets 10 Purple sweets 25 Purple sweets 100 1,2,3,4,5,10,25,100
Runecrafting guild tokens Runecrafting guild token 1 Runecrafting guild token 2 Runecrafting guild token 3 Runecrafting guild token 4 Runecrafting guild token 5 1,2,3,4,5
Rune dust (Runespan) Rune dust (Runespan) 1 Rune dust (Runespan) 25 Rune dust (Runespan) 75 Rune dust (Runespan) 125 Rune dust (Runespan) 175 1,3,25,75,125,175
Rune essence[4] Rune essence (Dungeoneering) 1 Rune essence (Dungeoneering) 100 Rune essence (Dungeoneering) 250 1,100,250
Rusty coins Rusty coins 1 Rusty coins 2 Rusty coins 3 Rusty coins 4 Rusty coins 5 Rusty coins 25 Rusty coins 100 Rusty coins 250 Rusty coins 1000 Rusty coins 10000 1,2,3,4,5,25,100,250,1000,10000
Seeds[5] Strawberry seed 1 Strawberry seed 2 Strawberry seed 3 Strawberry seed 4 Strawberry seed 5 1,2,3,4,5
Stardust Stardust 1 Stardust 25 Stardust 75 Stardust 125 Stardust 175 1,25,75,125,175
Tokkul Tokkul 1 Tokkul 2 Tokkul 3 Tokkul 4 Tokkul 5 Tokkul 25 1,2,3,4,5,25
Trading sticks Trading sticks 1 Trading sticks 10 Trading sticks 100 Trading sticks 10000 Trading sticks 1000 1,10,100,1000
Unfinished bolts Unfinished broad bolts 1 Unfinished broad bolts 2 Unfinished broad bolts 3 Unfinished broad bolts 4 Unfinished broad bolts 5 1,2,3,4,5
Warrior guild tokens[6] Warrior guild token 1 Warrior guild token 2 Warrior guild token 3 Warrior guild token 4 Warrior guild token 5 1,2,3,4,5
Woad leaf Woad leaf 1 Woad leaf 2 Woad leaf 3 Woad leaf 4 Woad leaf 5 1,2,3,4,5
Zemomark Zemomark 1 Zemomark 2 Zemomark 3 Zemomark 4 Zemomark 5 Zemomark 25 Zemomark 100 Zemomark 250 Zemomark 1000 Zemomark 10000 1,2,3,4,5,25,100,250,1000,10000
  1. ^ Excluding Cannonballs.
  2. ^ Excluding Kebbit bolts, Long kebbit bolts, Mithril grapples and Handcannon shots.
  3. ^ Each type of divine energy has a unique colour palette, but besides this stacks of divine energy of identical amounts are identical.
  4. ^ Only applies in Dungeoneering.
  5. ^ Excluding Gout tuber, Jade vine seed, and White tree shoot.
  6. ^ Removed from game.

Limit of a stack

The maximum number of an item that a player can hold in a stack is 2,147,483,647, as limited by a signed (positive and negative) 32-bit integer, i.e. 231 - 1.

Jagex would only be able to expand this if 64-bit integers were used instead, as unsigned (positive only) integers do not exist as a primitive data type in Java. This would be problematic to implement, however, as it would require doubling the amount of storage space used for all item quantities. Using longs would enable up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 items in a stack.

It should also be noted that a player can own more than this amount of gold, but can only hold that many in a single stack. For instance, a player could hold 2,147,483,647 in an inventory and another 2,147,483,647 in his bank, so long as the two stacks are never combined.

In a question and answer session with Andrew Gower, he stated that Jagex wouldn't switch to longs because there are too many lines of code to change.

If the value of items displayed in the Price Checker window exceeds the value, then all that will be displayed is '----'.

Truncation convention


An example of truncation.

When referring to numbers, truncation is the removal of less significant digits from the end of a number. In RuneScape, stacks of items have their quantity truncated to reduce the number of characters required to show the quantity of an item in a stack.

For stacks of items containing less than 100,000, the amount is rendered precisely, such as "31633", and the examine text is that of an individual item. For stacks of 100,000 or more, the examine text displays the exact number of items in the stack. The following conventions are used to display the quantity in a bank or inventory slot:

Range Text Colour Suffix Multiplier Example
from to
1 99,999 Yellow None 1 99,999 displayed as "99999"
100,000 9,999,999 White K 1,000 9,999,999 displayed as "9999K"
10,000,000 2,147,483,647 Green M 1,000,000 999,999,999 displayed as "999M"
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