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Stainless steel is a resource obtained in the Player-owned ports minigame. It can be obtained as a reward from voyages to the Pincers region. After the Pincers have been unlocked, Felix, the Black Marketeer, may offer stainless steel for sale at 1000 gold per unit. Stainless steel is used for port upgrades, ship upgrades, and is required to hire crew members from the Pincers region.

Players may also buy individual units in the form of ports steel packs from Boni on Waiko after the miniquest Impressing the Locals. These cost 20 chimes each, but are the variant outside of Player-Owned Ports.

Port upgrades (total cost: 37,000)

  • Opulent Bar (5,000)
  • Cutthroat/Nautical/Luxurious Lodgings (6,000)
  • Warship/Sleek/Luxurious Shipwright (6,000)
  • Imperial Warehouse (10,000)
  • Refurbished Workshop (10,000)

Ship upgrades (total cost: 26,200)

  • Inspiring Figurehead (2,600)
  • Spitfire Cannon (2,600)
  • Dragonskin Rigging (3,000)
  • Eastern Relics (3,000)
  • Heavy Cannon x4 (3,000)
  • Golden Katana Hull (5,000)
  • Blazing Lantern Hull (5,000)
  • Rudder That Parts the Seas (2,000)

Crew Members

  • Travelling Band (600)
  • Ferocious Tiger-Rider (600)
  • Harem of Fortune Tellers (600)
  • Oxhead and Horseface (1000)


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