Stalker dungeon
Stalker dungeon
Release date 8 January 2018 (Update)
Kingdom Daemonheim
Members Yes
Main music Zamorak Camp
Levels 2
Strongest monster Soulgazer
Dwarf multicannon allowed Allowed
Quests taking place here None
Inhabitants Stalker

The stalker dungeon is a dungeon adjoining Zamorak's hideout in Daemonheim, located behind the western door in the hideout. It is home to several stalker creatures - surface versions of creatures normally only found within Daemonheim - which can be fought with or without a Slayer assignment. The dungeon has the theme of the warped Daemonheim floors and requires the completion of Dishonour among Thieves to access.

At the north end of the dungeon there is a portal back to the stalker homeworld. Seeker's charms can be thrown into the portal to increase the chance of an elite soulgazer spawning. Soulgazer's charm has to be deposited here to get the baby soulgazer pet. Adjacent to the portal is Grondaban's stalker notes.

In the centre of the dungeon is a seeker sentinel, cosmetically observing the surrounding stalkers and battles. Many stalker eyes adorn the walls, like the World-gorger Shukarhazh battle in Dungeoneering.


The dungeon is only accessible by entering the western door of Zamorak's hideout, which in turn is only accessible using the communication device obtained during Dishonour among Thieves. The device can be reclaimed from Moldark in Edgeville if lost.


All monsters count toward a stalker creatures Slayer task.


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