Baker's Stall
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A stall is a stand that NPCs use to display their product. The majority of stalls can be stolen from with appropriate level in Thieving. Items sold include: silk, fur, scimitars, fish, vegetables, etc. Most types of stalls can be found in Ardougne however there is also a selection in Rellekka, Miscellania, SophanemDraynor, and Taverley.

Stealing from a stall may alert a nearby guard who will attack until they die, you unsuccessfully pickpocket them, or the area is left. To prevent guards/merchants from noticing you, thieve with the stall between your character and the NPC. Stall owners will not talk to players if they have stolen from their stall within the last 20 minutes unless you have a vial of stench (a). It's not needed for the stalls found on Ape Atoll.

Thievable stalls

Stall Level Exp. Items Location Respawn Time XP/sec
Vegetable stall 2 10 Onion, cabbage, potato, tomato or garlic Catherby, Etceteria, Miscellania, Taverley 2 seconds 5
Baker's stall 5 16 Cake, chocolate slice or bread Catherby, East Ardougne, KeldagrimTaverley 2.5 seconds 6.4
Crafting stall 5 16 Chisel, ring mould or necklace mould Ape Atoll, Keldagrim,Taverley 7 seconds 2.3
Monkey food stall 5 16 Banana Ape Atoll 7 seconds 2.3
Monkey general store 5 16 Pot, hammer or tinderbox Ape Atoll 7 seconds 2.3
Tea stall 5 16 Cup of tea Varrock 7 seconds 2.3
Silk stall 20 24 Silk East Ardougne, Keldagrim 8 seconds 3
Wine stall 22 27 Jug of water, jug of wine, grapes, jug or bottle of wine Catherby, Draynor VillageTaverley 16 seconds 1.7
Seed stall 27 10 Various seeds Draynor Village, Taverley 17 seconds 0.9
Fur stall 35 36 Fur or grey wolf fur East Ardougne, Rellekka 15 seconds 2.4
Fish stall 42 42 Raw salmon, raw tuna or raw lobster Catherby, Etceteria, Miscellania, Rellekka 16 seconds 1.7
Lamp stall 46 30 Small experience lamp Menaphos ~6 seconds 10
Crossbow stall 49 52 Bronze bolts (3), bronze limbs or wooden stock Keldagrim 11 seconds 4.7
Silver stall 50 54 Silver ore East Ardougne, Keldagrim 30 seconds 1.8
Customs evidence files 63 75 Rune scimitar, uncut diamond, uncut ruby, uncut emerald, uncut sapphire, shark, mithril bar, gold bar, iron bar, pirate boots, stripy pirate shirt, eye patch, steel sword, steel scimitar, iron scimitar, bronze scimitar, level 2 clue scroll or 300 coins Rock Island Prison 30–60 seconds 1.3-2.5
Spice stall 65 81 Spice East Ardougne 36 seconds 2.25
Magic stall 65 100 Air, earth, fire, water, or law rune Ape Atoll 30 seconds 3.3
Scimitar stall 65 160 Iron scimitar or steel scimitar Ape Atoll 30 seconds 5.3
Gem stall 75 160 Uncut sapphire, uncut emerald, uncut ruby, uncut diamond East Ardougne, Keldagrim 180 seconds 0.9

Note: In Keldagrim, stalls often differ in respawn time and their experience given. The silver stalls respawn twice as fast, but yields half the experience. The bakery stall, however, respawns half as fast, and gives the same experience.

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