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Starlight ore was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Starlight ore detail

Starlight ore is an ore obtained through Mining and Treasure Hunter, available from 10 September 2015 to 15 September 2015. It was previously available on the Squeal of Fortune from 26 April 2013 to 6 May 2013. It appeared in quantities of 906–1100 ores as a "common" reward in the Squeal of Fortune that has a set coin convert value of 500 regardless of the amount. They also appeared rarely while mining in batches of 61–100 during the second appearance. Players had a chance of receiving ore while mining at approximately ten minute intervals while logged in, not all of which had to be spent mining.

It is a component for forging starfire equipment. To forge a starfire weapon 10,000 starlight ores and blueprints for a starfire sword, bow, or staff were required. Starfire equipment is needed to create starfury equipment, alongside starborn diamonds. The player is able to speak to Ivar of the Artisan's Workshop to find out more about creating starfire and starfury weaponry.

Starlight ore can be obtained from mining any ore, with higher level ores producing larger amounts. The amount of starlight ore received while mining ranged from 20 - 100. Starlight ore can also be received when mining in the Lava Flow Mine. The most efficient way to collect the ore was by accessing the Living Rock Caverns and mining concentrated gold rocks, where decent amounts could be found within a short period of time.

Players are able to exchange starlight ore for Mining or Smithing experience through Ivar only during the promotion. Each ore yields varied experience depending upon the player's Mining or Smithing level. In 2013, if a player's Smithing level was 80+, a total of 5 experience was received per ore. There is a limit of 10,000 to the amount of ore which can be exchanged per day to Ivar (lowered from 20,000 in 2013).

Starlight ore was originally unobtainable after 6 May 2013, and disappeared from players' banks on 20 May 2013, after a 1 week notice warning the players. It was removed on 28 September 2015.

Combination information

Starlight ore interface

The interface for ore conversion during the second promotion

Item Cost Unlocked
Melee set
Starfire sword (30) Starfire sword 10,000 First day
Starfire melee boots (40) Starfire melee boots 2,000 First day
Starfire gauntlets (40) Starfire gauntlets 2,000 First day
Starfire helmet (40) Starfire helmet 4,000 Second day
Starfire legplates (40) Starfire legplates 6,000 Second day
Starfire chestplate (40) Starfire chestplate 10,000 Third day
Total 34,000
Ranged set
Starfire bow (30) Starfire bow 10,000 First day
Starfire vambraces (40) Starfire vambraces 2,000 First day
Starfire ranged boots (40) Starfire ranged boots 2,000 First day
Starfire coif (40) Starfire coif 4,000 Second day
Starfire chaps (40) Starfire chaps 6,000 Second day
Starfire hauberk (40) Starfire hauberk 10,000 Third day
Total 34,000
Mage set
Starfire staff (30) Starfire staff 10,000 First day
Starfire gloves (40) Starfire gloves 2,000 First day
Starfire magic boots (40) Starfire magic boots 2,000 First day
Starfire hood (40) Starfire hood 4,000 Second day
Starfire skirt (40) Starfire skirt 6,000 Second day
Starfire robe (40) Starfire robe 10,000 Third day
Total 34,000
Starfire cape (40) Starfire cape 10,000 Fourth day
Starborn diamond Starborn diamond 2,500 First day

To upgrade all starfire equipment to starfury will cost 47,500 starlight ore, assuming the player possesses no starfury items from a previous promotion, and does not win any starborn diamonds from Treasure Hunter.

A maximum of 42,000 ore can be converted to unique equipment on the first day. Creating all second day items would cost 30,000 starlight ore. The third day items would cost 30,000 ore, as would the fourth day item.

A total of 159,500 starlight ore is required to purchase and upgrade all items to starfury.


  • The convert value has changed twice; its initial appearance had 500 coins regardless of the amount, before changing to 5 coins each at the second promotion. It was then hotfixed to 10 coins each a day later.
  • It became buyable on the second promotion with a 4 hour limit of 100 each initially before hotfixed to 10,000 a day later.
  • When removed from the Grand Exchange on 15 September, it was worth 412 coins