Stat Spy
Stat Spy icon
Release date 15 May 2007 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 75
Spellbook Lunar
Type Combat
Experience 76
Runes 2Cosmic rune2Astral rune5Body rune
Quest Dream Mentor
Stat Spy
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Stat Spy interface

The Stat Spy interface

Stat Spy is a Lunar spell which requires the completion of Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor to cast. The spell may be cast at level 75 Magic and requires 2 astral, 2 cosmic, and 5 body runes. The spell may be cast on other players to discover stats, including current life points, all skills, and boosted stats.

After the update on 17 November 2014, which added the player examine option, this spell has lost a lot of its purpose. The examine option allows you to view the stats of the player, if they have not turned on their privacy mode, without the need for the spell.

The target of the spell receives a message that their stats are being spied upon along with the name of the caster.


5Body rune2Cosmic rune2Astral rune1,894


  • Necromancers, Forgotten and Reborn mages, among others, appear to use this spell as their first strike on a player wearing the shadow silk hood in Daemonheim.
  • Since the Prayer update on the 6th of September 2011, you can no longer know the current prayer points of the player you're using the spell on.
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