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State of Play were news updates released in 2008 by which Jagex could communicate progress on game updates to players. There were only two State of Play updates released – one for February and one for March.

List of State of Play updates

How it worked

The State of Play section was located on the RuneScape website, under the Recent News section. Posts were made detailing changes being worked on and a progress bar showing how much work has been done on the project. For example:

Item Lending:
Currently at a briefing stage is the item-lending feature. It has been incredibly difficult to find that balance between versatility and stopping cheaters from abusing it. We believe we've found a solution that achieves this, and we will give you more news in future articles.

Benefits of State of Play

Many players were complaining after Future Changes to Recent Updates about the fact that there was no indication on what updates were being done or their date of completion. After reading suggestions in the RuneScape forums, Jagex decided to bring in State of Play so that the players will have progress bars which will be updated, informing them on how close the recent updates are to being completed.