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For locations of the portals that give the statues, see A strange portal#Locations.

Statues feature in the party garden found north of Falador during the 15 Year Anniversary Celebrations. There is a statue for each year between 2001 and 2015 representing that year.

Year Statue Image Examine text
2001 Elvarg 2001 Elvarg statue Looking at the statue of Elvarg takes you back to memories of 2001.
2002 King Black Dragon 2002 King Black Dragon statue This striking statue of the King Black Dragon evokes memories of 2002.
2003 Mage Arena staff barrel
2003 mage arena staff barrel statue
Memories of 2003 are brought back as you stare at the mage arena staff barrel.
2004 Dad 2004 Dad statue Conjuring memories of 2004 this statue of the troll 'Dad' is very compelling.
2005 Dharok the Wretched
2005 Dharok statue
This impressive statue of Dharok rouses memories of 2005 in you.
2006 Pyramid Plunder mummy
2006 Pyramid Plunder mummy statue
The creepiness of this Pyramid Plunder mummy statue takes you back to memories of 2006.
2007 Fremennik longboat 2007 Fremennik Longboat statue Calling forth memories of 2007, this Fremennik Longboat statue stands proud.
2008 Summoning obelisk
2008 Summoning altar statue
Summoning memories of 2008 to you this altar statue is very compelling.
2009 Evil Tree
2009 Evil Tree statue
This statue of an Evil Tree awakens memories of 2009.
2010 Nomad 2010 Nomad statue Gazing at this arresting statue of Nomad you are taken back to memories of 2010.
2011 Nex
2011 Nex statue
This powerful statue of Nex elicits strong memories of 2011.
2012 Queen Black Dragon 2012 Queen Black Dragon statue Memories of 2012 are awakened as you admire this remarkable statue of the Queen Black Dragon.
2013 Battle of Lumbridge 2013 World Event statue This compelling statue depicting the battle between Saradomin and Zamorak excites you memories of 2013.
2014 Tower of Voices
2014 Prifddinas statue
2014 memories are brought flooding back as you behold this stunning statue in the likeness of Prifddinas.
2015 Tuska 2015 Tuska statue This outstanding statue of Tuska stirs up your most recent memories, those of 2015, the 15 year anniversary.


  • Some of the statues use more recent graphics than their subjects had at the time of release.
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