Statue of Cres
Statue of Cres
Release date 27 October 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Guthixian Cache
Examine A statue of one of Guthix's guardians.

Statues of Cres are interactive scenery found during Guthixian Cache. Each corner of the cache has a statue. A player may use a statue to become an automaton and assume the Powers of Cres where they are able to subdue Ancient, Confused and Enraged automatons. This form lasts for a minute only; after which, a cooldown of a further minute is required if the player wishes to become an automaton again. As their moniker suggests, they are a statue of the Guardian of Guthix Cres. The appearance on which the player takes when they are an automaton is also very similar to that of Cres.

Player automaton

A player as an automaton.

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