Steel key ring detail

A steel key ring is one of the rewards from the One Small Favour quest. It is useful because a number of keys can be placed onto it without taking extra inventory spaces. It is not required to take keys off of the key ring to unlock doors with them.

The key ring is automatically kept upon death, unless death occurs in the Wilderness, in which case the key ring and all keys attached will be lost.

If lost, a new key ring can be bought from Yanni Salika in Shilo Village for 500 coins; however, this will not bring back all of the keys on it, and one will have to collect them all over again.

Steel key ring check-keys

The key ring interface


The key ring can hold most keys (excluding ones that disappear after one use, such as shade keys, muddy keys, HAM Storeroom keys and crystal keys). To date, it can hold 12 keys in the following order:

Image Key Key ring description Obtained
Brass key Brass key Allows access to Edgeville Dungeon via the entrance near the Grand Exchange in Varrock. In Edgeville Dungeon.
Shiny key Shiny key Allows access to the Temple of Ikov via the shed behind McGrubor's Wood. In the Temple of Ikov near the lesser demons.
Metal key Metal key Allows access to the Desert Mining Camp. Obtained by killing the Mercenary Captain during the Tourist Trap quest.
Wrought iron key Wrought iron key Allows access to the mining area in the Desert Mining Camp. Reward for completing the Tourist Trap quest.
Dusty key Dusty key Allows access to the deeper section of Taverley Dungeon. Obtained from the explorer trapped in the Black Knight area of the Taverley Dungeon.
May also be purchased from Siegfried Erkle.
Battered key Battered key Allows access to the Elemental Workshop. Using a knife on the Battered book
Maze key Maze key Allows access to Melzar's Maze. Given by Oziach during the Dragon Slayer quest. Can also be bought at the Legends' Guild. It can also be regained by asking the Champions' Guild Master.
Crystal-mine key Crystal-mine key Allows access to the abandoned mine during and after the Haunted Mine quest. From the last boss in the Haunted Mine quest.
Ancestral key Ancestral key Allows access to the Spirits of the Elid cave north of Nardah. Telegrabbed from the museum in Nardah.
Enchanted key (Making History) Enchanted key Used to find hidden treasures in a number of buried chests around Gielinor by playing the enchanted key miniquest. Given by the Silver Merchant in Ardougne after finishing the Making History quest. Disappears after all the treasure has been located.
Shortcut key Shortcut key Allows access to shortcuts in Meiyerditch. Reward for the Darkness of Hallowvale quest, from Safalaan.
New key New key Allows access to the Temple of Light and Slayer Area in the Mourners' excavations under Ardougne. At beginning of Mourning's End Part II quest, from Head Mourner.


  • It used to be highly recommended that players use the drop trick to get multiple key rings. However, the keyring now is on the player's tool belt, which renders it unnecessary.
  • The key ring previously held 13 keys, but after an update removed the Weapon store key from the game, it can no longer be stored on the key ring, which now holds 12 keys.
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