Steel minotaur chathead

The steel minotaur is a level 66 combat Summoning Familiar that requires level 56 Summoning to summon. The Steel Minotaur's special is Bull Rush and it can hit up to 734 damage as well as stun your opponent. To talk to the Steel Minotaur, the player does not need 10 more levels to create the pouch to talk to it as Minotaurs speak in English. If the player talks to it while wearing Guthan's helm, it will threaten the player and tell them to take off their "horns". It also yells out "Get out of my way!" and "Hey, no-horns!" randomly.

The Steel Minotaur can be summoned using a Steel Minotaur Pouch which is obtained via the Grand Exchange or Summoning.

Steel minotaur pouch


A steel minotaur pouch is created by using a pouch on a summoning obelisk with a Blue charm, 141 spirit shards, and 1 steel bar.

Steel bull rush scroll

Bull Rush

A player using the Bull Rush attack (Applies to ALL minotaurs)


A Steel bull rush scroll allows use of the Steel bull rush special attack, a ranged attack that deals up to 734 damage with a chance of stunning, and is created by using a Steel minotaur pouch on a summoning obelisk. This grants 5.6 experience and 10 scrolls.



  • If you are wearing Guthan's helm, your minotaur will threaten you by saying, "Listen, no-horns, you have two choices: take off the horns yourself or I'll headbutt you until they fall off".

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