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The Stick is an item that you have to retrieve in the Werewolf Agility Course. Players have to go through a series of obstacles to reach the stick which has been thrown by the Agility Boss. Once obtained, players have to complete the course to be able to give the stick to the agility boss and start the process again. Giving the stick to the agility trainer grants the player 190 Agility experience. If for some reason you've managed to obtain multiple sticks, handing it in will result in ALL the sticks in your inventory to be exchanged for the same amount of experience as only 1 stick.

Over a third of all experience gained from completing a lap comes from retrieving the stick. If you forget to give it to the Agility trainer, you will have to complete another lap of the course to be able to give him the stick again. If you already have a stick in your inventory when you start a new lap, the Agility expert will not throw another stick.

Agility Trainers scattered around the course will shout insults at you if you have forgotten to pick up the stick or not handed in the stick to the agility trainer at the end. If a player takes longer then 90 seconds to pick up the stick, the stick will disappear. Once this has occurred, the only way to get a new stick is to complete the course and start a new lap.


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