Sticky red goop detail

The sticky red goop is a quest item used in The Fremennik Trials quest during Peer the Seer's part of the quest. It is made by heating a red herring found upstairs in his house, and is then used on a wooden disk also found there to turn it into a red disk. The red disk is used on an abstract mural downstairs along with another old red disk in order to obtain a vase lid needed to complete Peer's challenge.

In the early days, a player could smuggle the goop out of the quest area. In addition, the item was free to play and tradeable, causing some players to convince others that it was a rare item; selling it for many thousands of coins.


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  • The sticky red goop can be fed to a baby troll.
  • Sticky red goop, along with all the other items used in the quest segment, will disappear if the player teleports.
  • The item cannot be given to a Beast of Burden.
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