This article is about the non-player character. For the stiles used to climb over fences, see Shortcuts.
Stiles chathead

Stiles can be found south of the Karamja Volcano. He aids players fishing on the Musa Point docks. Stiles will note (both raw and cooked, but not burnt) Tuna, Lobsters and Swordfish free of charge. Stiles wants to be the fourth brother of Miles's family. They used to, in Runescape Classic, exchange items to Certificate.


  • Stiles caused the fish economy, including lobsters, swordfish, tuna, sharks and others, to wildly plummet on his release due to him being close to the Karamja fishing spot, due to players not having to bank during fishing.
  • His name was Nigel, but he changed it to Stiles after being inspired by Niles, Miles and Giles, three NPCs that used to work in Draynor Village noting various items until the current bank noting system came out. They used to be a part of the recurring random events.
  • He says he sits so far from the spots because he hates the smell of bananas. A Slayer Master offered him a Nose peg, but he refused because he has a "tender nose".
  • He appears to be trying to fix a crayfish cage. This is the same animation of the Fishing Tutor.
  • There is currently a glitch where the crayfish cage hops from the ground and back into Stiles hands repeatedly.
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