This article is about the item used in Tears of Guthix. For the item used in the Elemental Workshop I quest, see a stone bowl.

Stone bowl detail.png

The stone bowl is used in the Tears of Guthix Distraction and Diversion to catch tears from the cave protected by Juna. This bowl has a maximum experience cap of 180 experience per tear after level 30 in a skill. This can be increased to 300 experience per tear by crafting an ornate bowl (which requires level 80 Mining and Crafting).

A player wielding the Stone bowl.

To make the bowl, players must use a pickaxe on some rocks in the cavern's Magic stone mine. A sapphire lantern is required, as players need to use it on the light creatures to reach the other side of the chasm where the mine is located. Once a magic stone is obtained through mining, players can then use a chisel to craft it into a bowl. This bowl is given to Juna, and when a player wants to participate in Tears of Guthix again, Juna will have the player wield the bowl.

This bowl should not be confused with the other stone bowl in the game, which cannot be used in this item's place.


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  • When wielding this item it makes you perform the old idle animation that was used prior to the HD update of 1 July 2008.
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