Stone fish detail

Stone fish is an item used in the quest Druidic Ritual. It is caught using a fishing rod and a coin on Sparkling fishing spot near Taverley and scaled. Catching it yields no experience. Players can only have one at the time. Using a chisel on a stone fish results into receiving stone scales. Scales can be gathered multiple times, but only one can be held in inventory. They are about to be delivered to Sanfew so that he can make an Ointment of imbalance to call Guthix's attention to Burthorpe's troll problem.


  • One caught stone fish can be found hanging on a pole just south from Jacquelyn Manslaughter and Turael/Spria.
  • The examine message of the Stone Fish is "I wonder if I can make soup out of it?", which could be a reference to the soup made by the troll in The Fremennik Trials using a Pet rock since both would be some kind of rock soup.
  • The 'rock soup' is a reference to the folk story Stone Soup.

Catching a stone fish.

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