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Stone of Binding is an item obtained from the Wizards' Guild's armour shop for 500,000 coins, or for 450,000 from Bandit Duty Free, a general store in the Wilderness Bandit Camp ran by Noterazzo. When combined with tectonic energy, it can be used to make elite and regular tectonic armour by players with level 91+ Runecrafting.

Item Runecrafting level Tectonic energy.png Energy Stone of binding.png Stones Experience Cost (energy)
(Total cost)
GE Price Profit/Loss
Tectonic mask.png Tectonic mask 91 14 1 500 17,839,542
18,370,205 57,425
Tectonic robe top.png Tectonic robe top 93 42 3 1,500 53,518,626
54,084,648 -853,692
Tectonic robe bottom.png Tectonic robe bottom 92 28 2 1,000 35,679,084
36,656,026 30,466

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