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A strange rock is an item from the Shattered Heart Distraction and Diversion. It may be found randomly while training any non-combat skill released before March 2010. As such, Divination, Dungeoneering and Invention are not included. Each strange rock is a segment of the statue of Dahmaroc, a wizard from the Second Age.

Players may get two strange rocks per skill. The rocks are awarded at random per action or animation, so consider training a skill in a way that many quick animations are performed. The chance to get the second rock for a skill is halved if the last rock obtained was also from the same skill. If the last rock obtained was from a different skill then this effect is removed.[source needed]

After the statue of Dahmaroc has been completed, players may then again get two strange rocks per non-combat skill to once again complete the statue. The first time a player completes the statue, they will be given a statue plinth by Barnabus Hurma to place in their player-owned house.

Players that try to add the strange rock to the plinth for the very first time will be stopped by Barnabus Hurma. By speaking to him and showing him the strange rock, he will then tell the player that they need to find its twin before adding it to the plinth. Barnabus Hurma will also give players a statue collection bag to store all collected strange rocks, thus freeing up space in the player's bank or inventory. Strange rocks do not stack in the bank, even if they are paired.

If the player wishes not to receive rocks any more, they may speak to Barnabus Hurma to toggle them off if desired. They can be turned on again if the player wishes to start receiving them again.

Players are allowed to create only one statue per week. It is possible for the player to build the statue once and then go out and re-obtain all rocks in the same week and place all but the final set of rocks in the Museum statue prior to the expiration of the week. However, the player will be unable to complete the build of the 2nd statue because at that point (when attempting to place the final set), Barnabus Hurma will stop the player and state that "one explosion a week is enough."

Strange rocks are automatically kept upon death unless the player is in the Wilderness.

When trying to collect a strange rock by training skills, the player will hear a small "clunk" sound and receive the message "You found a strange rock." upon receiving one. When training a skill and a rock is received with a full inventory, the player receives the message "Something odd happens to the (name of last object created) and you are left with a strange rock." This effectively replaces the item in the player's inventory, which could be detrimental if it replaces something expensive. If the player has a statue collection bag (see below) in their inventory or equipped, however, the rock will be deposited directly into the bag without the loss of other inventory items.


The player needs two rocks from each skill to complete the statue. When the player has collected two pieces in one skill, they can be added to the statue plinth in order to create a section of the Dahmaroc statue. The plinth is located in the Varrock Museum right next to the entrance.

Using a matched pair of strange rocks on the Statue plinth grants experience following:

  • Where is your level in the skill

See Experience reward formula section for calculator and table.

Players can use a Statue list to keep track which rocks they've added to the statue. Players need to have two pieces to be able to add to the plinth.

Once a player complete the statue for the first time a player receives a replica plinth from Barnabus Hurma to put in the study in the player's POH (this is where players will be building their very own statue). Each time the player completes the Museum's statue they will receive an additional replica piece of statue to use for building the statue in their POH. The player can then begin to search and collect pieces again, which gives the ability to receive the extra experience once again. Because a player may only complete the Museum statue once per week, completion of the statue in their POH takes a minimum of 30 weeks, one for each statue piece received.

If the player completes the statue in their POH and continues to turn in their strange rocks, they will not receive another plinth, even if they have a second study room built. The player will, however, continue to receive the bonus experience for all strange rocks turned in.


Rocks can be obtained through most normal skilling methods in any given skill, including skilling in a clan citadel and using portable skilling stations. The table below lists various methods for obtaining the rocks, as well as some specific exclusions (activities which do not yield rocks).

In general, skills give a chance at obtaining a strange rock per animation, regardless of the material being gathered or worked. For example, in gathering skills such as fishing, trout and rocktail have the same chances for giving rocks.

For recommendations on the best methods for obtaining specific rocks, see the best methods section on the Shattered Heart article.

Skill Image Examine How to obtain
Agility Strange rock (Agility).png A rock found while practicing agility.
Construction Strange rock (Construction).png A rock found while constructing furniture.
  • Building furniture in a POH hotspot
  • Making flatpacks
Cooking Strange rock (Cooking).png A rock found while cooking.
  • Attempting to cook any fish for which players have the Cooking level, even if the fish is burnt.
  • Preparing ingredients, such as slicing mushrooms found in The Arc


Crafting Strange rock (Crafting).png A rock found while crafting.


  • Crafting silver items
  • Working protean hides
  • Firing clay items in an oven
Farming Strange rock (Farming).png A rock found while harvesting produce.
  • Harvesting/planting vegetables, hops, herbs, flowers, bushes, fruit trees and calquat trees (including planting tree seeds in a plant pot)
  • Raking weeds
  • Foraging mushroom clusters or berries in the Arc.
Firemaking Strange rock (Firemaking).png A rock found while lighting fires.


Fishing Strange rock (Fishing).png A rock fished up from the waters.

Fishing with a harpoon, net, cage, fly fishing rod, fishing rod-o-matic, or barehanded.

Fletching Strange rock (Fletching).png A rock found while fletching bows, crossbows and sagaies.

Making unstrung bows or crossbow stocks, sagaie shafts, and Blisterwood stakes.


Herblore Strange rock (Herblore).png A rock found when making potions.
  • Cleaning herbs
  • Making unfinished potions
  • Combining unfinished potions with secondary ingredients
Hunter Strange rock (Hunter).png A rock found while hunting.
  • Checking any type of trap, including protean traps, after a successful catch or dismantling a trap after an unsuccessful catch attempt .
  • Tracking
  • Falconry (successful or unsuccessful catch attempt)
  • Charm Sprites
  • Catching moths in the Big Chinchompa minigame.
Mining Strange rock (Mining).png A rock found while mining.

Mining ore, coal, granite, clay, stone, gems, rune essence, or Seren stone

Runecrafting Strange rock (Runecrafting).png A rock found while binding runes.

Crafting runes, including in the Great Orb Project minigame and the Runespan.

Smithing Strange rock (Smithing).png A rock found while smithing.


Thieving Strange rock (Thieving).png A rock 'borrowed' from a pocket.
  • Attempting to pickpocket any NPC for which a player has the Thieving level, even if unsuccessful
  • Stealing from stalls and chests


Woodcutting Strange rock (Woodcutting).png A rock found while cutting trees.


Strange rocks tab of the statue collection bag interface.

No special equipment is required to collect strange rocks; however the player can talk to Barnabus Hurma (or any of the other archaeologists) within Varrock Museum to receive a statue collection bag. When the bag is carried in the inventory or equipped in the pocket slot, it will automatically store any statue pieces a player gains from a skill activity (giving the message "You find a strange rock and add it to your bag."), and can be filled with your library of rocks.

When a player has two corresponding statue pieces in your bag, they may simply empty the bag and use the rocks on the statue base, or continue to collect further rocks until the bag is full - or anything in-between. The experience will be given at any time, until the last rock pair is ready, which can only be done once per week (see elsewhere this article). Thus, if a player needs that experience immediately to level, it can be received immediately. The player may also 'Look-in' the bag to check how many rocks have currently been collected.

If the player loses or drops the statue collection bag, the contents will also be lost, requiring the player to complete skill tasks to regain the rocks that were lost.


Similar to the Statue of Rhiannon, adding pairs of strange rocks gives experience in the related skill.

The formula is , where x is the skill level.

 template = Template:Dahmaroc calc
 form = shf
 result = shr
 param = 1|Skill's Level||int|1-120
 param = isvirtual|Virtual Level?|true|check
Rhiannon calculator
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0 Experience Points


  • If a player has a pet rock in their inventory, a message is displayed showing its excitement when the player receives a strange rock.
  • Certain rocks are easily identifiable as specific parts of Dahmaroc. For example, the Construction and Hunter rocks make up his head, the Smithing rocks make up his cape, and the rocks for Cooking, Fishing, Firemaking, and Woodcutting make up his arms.
  • At one point, after receiving the first strange rock to start the Distraction and Diversion, members could also get rocks for non-member skills on a non-members world, which would result in the creation of a members object (although they would still receive the message "You find a strange rock."). This has since been fixed.
  • Although the examine info for the Herblore rock says "A rock found while making potions", it can also be found when cleaning herbs. Similarly, the examine info for the Construction rock previously said "A rock found in my house", even though it could be obtained in another player's house by making flatpacks.
  • It is possible for strange rocks to be dropped on the ground, given the correct conditions. A common example would be fletching bolts of any type, as multiple bolts are made in the process; if one's inventory is full, the strange rock will remove only one bolt from the inventory, and proceed to be dropped on the ground where it may be picked up.
  • Skilling in a clan citadel didn't yield strange rocks before an update on 6 March 2012.
  • Prior to 11 April 2012 it wasn't possible to get a strange rock by fishing rocktails in Living Rock Caverns, making battlestaves, or making items on a spinning wheel.
  • Prior to an update on 23 October 2017, strange rocks for all skills were simply named "Strange rock", although the appearance was different for each skill. Other than memorising the various shapes, the only way to determine its related skill was to examine the rock. After the update, rocks are now named "Strange rock (Skill)".