Strange skull detailed

The strange skull is an item that players can use with a runed sceptre to make a skull sceptre. It appears to be half an animal skull attached to half a human skull.

Players make the strange skull by combining a right skull half with a left skull half. Right halves, which resemble and most likely are halves of ankou skulls, are dropped by minotaurs, while left halves, resembling half of a minotaur's skull, are dropped by ankous. Minotaurs are found only in the Stronghold of Security, while ankous can be found at both the Wilderness Volcano and the Stronghold of Security.

The skull sceptre, when formed from its 4 components, teleports the user to the mines in Gunnarsgrunn, just above the Stronghold of Security. The sceptre has unlimited charges. Only one Skull sceptre may be created at one time, but a player may own as many strange skulls, runed sceptres, skull halves and sceptre halves as one wishes.


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