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This article is about a basket of strawberries. For the individual fruit itself, see strawberry.

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A basket of strawberries is a basket containing 1 to 5 strawberries. It is one of the most beneficial items of food a player can hold in one inventory space.

One full basket could potentially heal 2970 life points in 5 bites (6% of a player's maximum life points per strawberry - up to 594 each at 99 Constitution - multiplied by 5 strawberries).

Three baskets full of strawberries is the payment for a farmer to watch over a dwellberry bush or an orange tree in the Farming skill.

They can be used as food while training Agility, as they can recover many life points and weigh very little, which will minimise the energy drain and obstacle failure rates.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Gourmet implingN/A1Rare
Gourmet impling jarN/A1Rare


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