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A strawberry can be grown by players at level 31 Farming. Players gain 26 Farming experience for planting 3 strawberry seeds in an allotment and gain 29 Farming experience for each berry harvested. There is no flower that protects Strawberries from disease when growing, aside from white lilies. Strawberries heal 6% of a player's maximum Life points when eaten, resulting in 594 health at 99 constitution without boosts.

Up to 5 strawberries may be put in a fruit basket. A basket of apples is payment for a farmer to watch over a strawberry patch. Three baskets full of strawberries is the payment for a farmer to watch over the dwellberry bush and orange tree in the Farming skill. They are also an ingredient for making Summer pies at level 95 Cooking. Putting strawberries in a compost bin will make normal compost.

A basket of strawberries (which costs 1,423 coins) is one of the most effective healing item a player can hold in their inventory space; it can heal up to 2970 points in 5 bites (594 life points per strawberry multiplied by 5 strawberries), which, in the end, is more health than rocktail soup at 2,500, as well as extraordinarily cheap. While they are impractical for more dangerous activities where on-demand health is better, strawberry baskets are extremely useful for low damage activities such as Agility training and temple trekking (campsite puzzle event). Because strawberries heal 6% of a players maximum life points, a basket of strawberries will only heal more than rocktail soup if the player has at least 8337 life points. However, they still remain far more cost efficient.

Farming level 31
Patch Allotment
Payment One Basket of Apples
Time 60
Seeds per 3 seeds
Planting 26
Checking Unknown edit
Harvesting 29
Crop Unknown edit
Yield[?] Unknown edit

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Giant ant worker492Common
Giant ant soldier702Uncommon


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