Strawberry cows are a type of cow that can be occasionally bred through kandarin cows and bulls on the player-owned farm. Players may check its stats and traits if they have 49 Farming. When checked for produced, they give strawberry milk and cowhide.

Strawberry cow
Farming level 49
Pen size Large
Eats Vegetables, fruits, flowers
Produce Strawberry milk (568)
Cowhide (547)
Muck Manure
Breeding cycle
(max cycle)
5 hours (25 hours)
Growth time
Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 80 minutes 140 minutes 180 minutes
Farming experience
Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 1,000 1,750 2,250
Base sell price in beans
Egg Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
Buyer Milkshake (cow fancier) chathead Milkshake (cow fancier)
Last spawned (ago) August 04 2020 00:00 UTC
Next spawn August 07 2020 00:00 UTC


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