Shoo away stray dog

A player shooing away a stray dog

Stray dogs are dogs that roam around Varrock and Meiyerditch. If players completed the 2012 Christmas event, no stray dogs will be found in Varrock and will be replaced by Oddie, Little 'Elper, Patch, or Sir Chen Rescoo in one of the Kennel locations as chosen during the event.

Players can interact with stray dogs in the following ways:

  • Shoo - It can be shooed away by the player ("Thbbbbt!"), which will appear in the chat box, causing the dog to whine ("Whine!") and run away. If ignored, it will follow for a certain amount of time, and then it will leave to find a different player to follow. Players can shoo away a dog even if it is following someone else.
  • Feed - It can be fed bones (which is an easy Varrock Task), raw meat, or cooked meat. When players feed it, it happily barks, and will follow for a certain amount of time. If fed with more food, it will continue following, but will not enter any buildings or the Grand Exchange. If the offering is inedible, the dog will growl and not eat it. A borrowed object cannot be eaten by a stray dog.
  • With cats - If there is a cat on the ground while near a stray dog, then it will bark at the cat. When a stray dog barks at a wily cat, the wily cat will fight the stray dog. Also, stray dogs are scared of hellcats.

In Varrock there were five stray dogs wandering around. Three were grey and two were brown. There are also several grey dogs wandering through the ghettos of Meiyerditch. However, none of them could be interacted with as they could with the Varrock stray dogs.

After completion of the 2012 Christmas event there was temporarily no stray dogs running around Varrock. If you were looking to complete the Varrock Easy Tasks, you could give a bone to the dog that lived in the doghouse from the Christmas event. This doghouse could be found in south east Al Kharid. At some point, however, this dog was also removed and a stray dog was added back to Varrock near Aubury's Rune Shop. In an unknown update you can now give bones to the stray dog in the kennel between Falador gardens and Falador Party Room.

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