Not to be confused with bolt of cloth.

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A strip of cloth can be made at a loom using the Crafting skill. Two balls of wool and level 1 Crafting are needed to make one, and players receive 1.2 experience points for doing so. It is used to make wizard armour.

It is also used in the Regicide quest as a fuse for the barrel bomb that players make in the quest. It is also used in the Some Like It Cold quest to make the penguins' outfits.

Strips of cloth are also used in the God Emissaries tasks to make a flag in 4 village squares to contact "agents". Making all 4 flags awards 7500 Crafting experience.

Strips of cloth can also be requested as part of a Menaphos City Quest.

Wizard items

Strips of cloth can be made into wizard armour if the player has a needle, thread, and the appropriate Crafting level.

Item Level Experience Strip of cloth required GE price
Wizard gloves.png Wizard gloves 1 5 1 44
Wizard boots.png Wizard boots 2 5 1 45
Wizard hat (blue).png Wizard hat (blue) 3 5 1 711
Wizard robe skirt.png Wizard robe skirt 4 10 2 547
Wizard robe top.png Wizard robe top 5 10 2 487
Wizard book.png Wizard book 6 15 3 126
Wizard wand.png Wizard wand 7 15 3 952
Wizard shield.png Wizard shield 8 15 3 598


  • They used to be known as bolts of cloth. When Construction was released, many players tried to substitute this item for the bolt of cloth, as the strips were cheaper, but this did not work. The name was changed a week later to avoid further confusion.
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