Stripy feather detail

A stripy feather is a drop from the tropical wagtail bird caught using the Hunter skill. Level 19 Hunter and at least one bird snare are needed to catch these birds in the Feldip Hunter area. These feathers may be used with a fly fishing rod to catch rainbow fish in the rivers of Gielinor. Rainbow fish give 80 Fishing experience per catch, 110 Cooking experience when cooked, and are used raw as bait for deadfall trapping barb-tailed kebbits in the Feldip Hunter area. Stripy feathers can also be used the same as a normal feather in the Fletching skill.

Additionally they can be used in the Crafting skill to make teal coloured feather headdresses.

Eight of them are needed in the As a First Resort quest.

They can be sold at the Varrock Fancy Dress Shop for 6 coins.


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