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Stronghold of Player Safety
Stronghold of Player Saftey.png
Release date 11 March 2008 (Update)
Kingdom Misthalin
Members No
Main music Incarceration, Exam Conditions, Safety in Numbers
Levels 5
Strongest monster Cockroach soldier (level 36)
Dwarf multicannon allowed Disallowed
Quests taking place here None
Inhabitants Cockroaches, humans and Goblins.
Stronghold of Player Safety map.png

The Stronghold of Player Safety is a dungeon under the Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence. It can be found exactly north of Gunnarsgrunn and exactly south of Edgeville. It is similar to the Stronghold of Security in that harder enemies are found deeper and deeper into the old part of the jail. Once at the end leaving is accomplished by climbing up a rope and re enter the deepest part of the jail using the roach tunnel by the side of the school.



Stronghold of Player Safety entrance location.png

The two entrances to the stronghold

At ground level, there are two doors and a crevice. The crevice is a shortcut into the dungeon (can only be used after climbing the rope from inside the dungeon at least once). The main door to the Training Centre is locked before doing the player safety exam. The second door (at the back of the building) is the Jail Entrance, which allows the player to access the jail.


Players must inspect all jail cell doors, then proceed upstairs and talk to Professor Henry, who will administer a short test about player safety. This will unlock the Safety First emote. After passing the test, players can go back downstairs and peel back the poster in the cell North of the South-Western cell to access the main dungeon. Players older than 13 can skip the cell doors and the safety test and immediately enter the dungeon. They will receive the Safety First emote when they search the chest at the end of the dungeon.

Secure Sector

The treasure chest!

The doors to the Secure Sector can be unlocked by pulling the old lever across the rope on the upper level that leads out of the dungeon. In the secure sector a chest will be found. 10,000 coins and safety gloves are received when opened. Also 2 lamps that will grant 500 experience each, and unlock the safety first emote at the end of the last level of the Stronghold of Security.


Cockroaches patrolling the many levels of the stronghold.

Almost all the monsters in the Stronghold are not aggressive. The Stronghold of Player Safety may provide a good place for low level combat training, especially for free-to-play players.


The Stronghold was originally a massive prison that housed some of Misthalin's worst criminals, such as the gang members of Varrock or criminals operating over the Wilderness border. It was built some time in the late Fourth or early Fifth Age.

The massive prison soon fell into disuse, its guards wandering off and tunnelling creatures causing problems. For years it remained abandoned, a strain of massive cockroaches making their home in the moist tunnels.

Recently a smaller prison was built in the tunnels above the ruins, and an educational centre built above it. The old prison has been rediscovered and opened to adventurers that look to explore its ancient ruins.


Music unlocked:


Stronghold of Player Safety Reward.png


  • Stay Safe (RuneScore.png 5) - Fully complete the Stronghold of Player Safety.


A "The Shawshank Redemption" reference.

  • The second cell on the left is a direct reference to the 1994 movie The Shawshank Redemption. The chess set chiselled from rocks with a rock hammer and the pin-up poster of Rita Hayworth are both integral to the film's storyline. In the movie, the protagonist Andy Dufresne used the tunnel he created behind his poster to access the prison's sewer outlet to escape. The poster in this case performs the same purpose, except the image is of a female gublinch.
  • In another cell, a gublinch throws a ball repeatedly against the wall. This is a reference to another film about incarceration, "The Great Escape", where Steve McQueen's character does the same.
  • This stronghold is guarded by Blokey Simms as mentioned in a Postbag from the Hedge, however, he does not appear in-game.
  • The crevice used to just be a black square on the minimap, this has since been fixed.