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The strykebow is the strongest shieldbow in the game which requires 85 Ranged and 85 Defence to wield. Making a strykebow requires combining a dark bow with a wyrm scalp, which is a unique drop from the Lava strykewyrm and the WildyWyrm and will have an initial charge of 20% upon creation. The strykebow can be recharged by using dark bows on it, each restoring 20% of the bow's charges. The creation process can be undone, although only the wyrm scalp will be salvaged. The strykebow will last 10 hours in combat from full charge, and will revert to a wyrm scalp once it runs out of charges. This creation/degrade mechanic is shared between its combat triangle equivalents, the Lava whip and the staff of darkness.

It is the only shieldbow outside of Daemonheim to give a life point bonus.

Passive Effect

The strykebow has a passive effect where it stores how much damage the player has received since initiating combat or since the bow was equipped; this will reset if another weapon is worn. After 15 attacks (five shots in Legacy Mode) with the bow, 10% of the damage received overall will be released in the form of a second arrow shot; however there are caps which apply to this storage mechanic:

  • At 50,000 damage, the incoming damage will be halved before it is stored, effectively storing 5% of damage received.
  • At 70,000 damage, the incoming damage will be divided by 10 before it is stored, effectively storing 1% of damage received.
  • At 80,000 damage, no more incoming damage will be stored.

Special Attack

The strykebow has a special attack that will fire out an arrow which will trap the opponent in a column of fire requiring 25% adrenaline to use. 12.5% of the stored damage will then be released in the form of a rapid damage over time attack that will last for 4.8 seconds.

Combat Stats
RequirementsDegradesStrykebow equipped
85 Ranged 85 DefenceYes
Ranged Ranged2h slot
Unknown edit
Range? (edit)
Average (3.6s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour435PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points560Style bonuses



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