Strykewyrms are a race of wyrms released on 8 February 2010. With the exception of the Lava strykewyrm and the Wildywyrm, strykewyrms may only be killed by players who have them assigned as a slayer assignment.


  • Following the Evolution of Combat, Strykewyrms are already stunned when the player stomps on the ground, excluding lava and wildywyrms.
    • Also, a red circle surrounds the Strykewyrm, allowing for ease of ability use. However, if the player leaves combat stance just as they force the Strykewyrm out, this will vanish.
  • Investigating a mound when not on a slayer task creates the message "Nothing interesting happens.", and the player performs an outdated version of the Think emote.
  • An update allowed players to stomp on the mound from a distance, following player complaints of how slow the task was; while the strykewyrms were relatively easy to kill, players had to keep running to each mound to fight the strykewyrms.
    • Patch updates later increased the health of the jungle, desert and ice strykewyrms to balance out the task speed.
  • Strykewyrms resemble the aquatic predatory polychaete Eunice aphroditois (colloquially known as the Bobbit worm or sand striker) and look to be based on them.
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