Stuffed With Anima is an achievement that is completed by defeating Telos at at least 100% enrage after allowing him to reach a full anima bar in every phase of the fight. His anima bar can be decreased after being filled; it only needs to be filled once per phase. It is recommended to fight Telos at 100% enrage to avoid taking unnecessarily high damage.

During phases 1 and 2, Telos's anima bar is increased by his tendril attack and from absorbing anima from the streams. Letting him stand in the anima streams is the fastest way to fill his bar.

During phase 3, the green indicator must move entirely to the right end of the bar. The indicator moves to the right when Anima-golems charge Telos and when he stands in the red stream.

During phase 4, Telos gains anima from siphoning from the fonts.

During phase 5, Telos gains anima from using autoattacks; the streams have no effect on his anima gain.

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