This article is about the combat effect. For the magic spell formerly known as Stun, see Stagger.

A stun is an effect that can occur during combat. When applied to a target, a stun prevents that target from attacking or moving for its duration. In addition, when used against a player target, it prevents that player doing any of the following:

The effects of a stun can be removed via the Freedom (which also prevents further stuns for another six seconds) ability, although players can also provide themselves with temporary immunity to stuns by using the Anticipation ability. Stuns, along with all damage, can also be prevented with the Barricade ability. The ability Transfigure stuns the user for six seconds, then heals them afterwards for 250% of the damage they take in that time whilst providing a 15 second immunity to stuns.


Stunning abilities

It should be noted that stunning abilities all share a cooldown, so players cannot chain abilities for a constant stun.





Punishing abilities

These abilities deal increased damage to stunned targets.




Stun prevention abilities

These Defence abilities give temporary immunity to stuns and/or break existing stuns.

Monsters and NPCs

PvP stunned

A player stunned in combat.

Certain monsters and NPCs are capable of stunning players.

Certain monsters are capable of being immune to stuns, possessing this icon (Stun Immune status icon).

Stuns in Thieving

A different form of stun occurs when a player fails at pickpocketing. This type of stun differs from a normal stun in several ways:

  • Pickpocketing stuns do not prevent players from using abilities or food, or changing prayers or equipment.
  • Anticipation will not prevent a player from being stunned by a failed pickpocket.
  • If Freedom is used, the player will be able to move immediately, but will still be unable to pickpocket until the stun's duration naturally runs out.


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